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How to train a habit: summer training

 How to train a habit: summer training

During the summer months, we tend to go out a lot and reduce our weekly workouts. 3 steps to not giving up good habits.

Longer days, after-work drinks and summer parties. This is the time of the year when your calendar starts filling up; Cold winter days are lagging behind. Don't worry about the weather it may be a dream now, but how about giving up your workout? The change in routine and social demand that summer brings makes you escape this hard-earned momentum. It is important, rather than threatening or hindering your physical shape, that summer be an ally of progress. A second wave of excitement as a new season approaches.

Since summer is a more social time of the year, we tend to set ambitions and goals in January. These goals are almost achieved, forgotten altogether, or become tediously familiar. Instead of everything falling apart, we need a system to make sure the summer months are still going strong.

Here are three actionable steps you can take today:

 Ride the summer wave

The summer months are synonymous in many countries with favorable weather and long evenings, so make sure your training matches them. Instead of running in the gym, run outdoors. Take the opportunity to apply your new fitness to tennis or surfing. The training program "Ride the Waves" on the Technogym app, prepared by Italian surfing star Leonardo Ferravanti, will help you improve your stability, strength, flexibility and face the waves with the right courage.

A combination of responsibility, use of your surroundings, and hopefully better weather, will keep your diet going.

Reset: Raise your goals

You can achieve anything if you set good enough goals and stick to the plan. Jill Matthews, professor of psychology at Dominican University in California, led a study on goal setting with nearly 270 participants. This study found that there is a 42% greater chance of achieving your goals if you write them down.

It's something we do superbly in January, but we don't keep seeing them all year long. You've built a solid foundation so far from January to today, but if you want to stay involved you have to keep challenging yourself. To continue innovation, the same goal-setting principles used in January should be repeated now, such as the financial audit. Ask yourself what worked well and what you enjoyed. And unless you enjoy it, or what you haven't successfully progressed into.

Take this opportunity to make a fresh start in your training, good or bad, and aim to always improve.

Move over to your weaker side

At this point, I reviewed the previous months and there was progress. In addition, there are points to work on and areas that I overlooked, because of course we cannot work on everything at once. Your bodybuilding increased and you ran a half marathon, congratulations! But flexibility has become a weakness and something you overlook in between tough workouts.

Choosing a Stretch & Relax exercise will recharge your energy to make you feel more mobile and energetic. You can even choose the equipment you have to make sure your workout doesn't stop on vacation!

The summer months should be an asset you can count on to train, not to evade or get carried away with progress. By clarifying your goals and switching to a new one if necessary, you will feel in tune with the summer. A new breath of life to help you advance for another six months.


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