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How to reduce cramps

 How to reduce cramps

On this occasion, we reveal how to reduce muscle cramps. This situation frequently occurs in sports users; However, we do not always know the reasons for their appearance and how to treat them correctly.

What are muscle contractions?

Chances are you've experienced cramps on more than one occasion in the middle of a workout or simply in your sleep.

It is a series of involuntary contractions that occur in one or more muscles. Usually, you generate severe pain in the area and do not allow it to move normally.

The parts that are most affected in athletes are the legs. However, it can also occur in the arms, feet, hands, and abdomen.

Keys to reduce muscle cramps

Note our keys to reducing muscle cramps:

Hydrate properly

Our first recommendation is that you pay special attention to hydration.

One of the main causes of cramps is dehydration of the athlete.

Drink small sips of water throughout the day. Also, if the activity you are going to be doing is very intense and prolonged, it is best to drink a little water during training.

Pay attention to the intake of minerals

Our body gets rid of a series of minerals through sweat. A good way to replenish these substances is by drinking an electrolyte drink.

Use creams containing menthol to avoid muscle cramps

Before doing your workouts, you can apply a menthol cream through a gentle massage. It will bring lightness and comfort to the area.

Take different baths

You don't need to get into an ice bath. Just take different baths. For example, you can start with warm water and lower the temperature until you apply cold water to the area prone to cramps. Wait about 20 seconds and then apply heat again. Repeat several times.

Regulate the intensity of your training

Think if you are overtraining. The body needs time to recover and adapt to increased activity. In addition, having a well-adjusted and organized plan will prevent you from getting a large number of infections.

What do you do if it appears?

If you feel cramps mid-exercise in some of your muscles, do the following:

  • Completely stop the activity. It won't help you to continue in pain.
  • Walk very slowly for as long as discomfort allows.
  • Start by drinking small sips of water. You may be dehydrated.
  • When the severe pain subsides, tighten the muscles without forcing.
  • You can also put some ice.


The appearance of muscle cramps is usually associated with improper water supply. On the other hand, other factors can also influence: mineral loss, maintaining a highly demanding training plan and not paying attention to recovery and rest periods.

It is essential that the athlete try to take appropriate measures to avoid such a situation. In the event that you are experiencing cramps, the most logical thing is to stop the activity immediately, and if this problem occurs frequently, you can always go to a specialist who will study and analyze your condition.


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