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How to overcome fear after injury

 How to overcome fear after injury

Learn how to overcome fear after injury. When an athlete is able to recover definitively, there may be some continuation of the injury on a mental level. This means that he is in good shape physically, but he is doing the training for fear of injuring himself again.

This psychological state can lead to a lack of self-confidence in the athlete, which affects his performance.

This situation does not only occur in elite athletes. A large number of people who engage in some physical activity at the amateur level claim to have experienced it.

Tips to overcome fear after injury

Here are the top tips for overcoming any fear of recurrence:

I'm coming back little by little

The wheel is one of the main reasons for this situation. Once we feel that we have recovered, we want to return to intense training. This not only poses a danger to our bodies, because the infection can certainly reappear, but it will also make us feel insecure.

The key is to start with simple sessions and gradually increase the intensity, always listening to our body.

Learn to manage your emotions

We must learn to manage our emotions and control issues such as focus, stress level, self-confidence... If you think you need help, you can always go to a sports psychologist.

She has advice from a coach

A personal trainer is essential on a physical and emotional level. On many occasions, the coach becomes supportive of the athlete. In addition, it provides the correct instructions so that returning to activity is completely safe.

Having the support of a coach will give you back the confidence you need to carry out your training and, of course, to compete again.

Don't compare yourself to your peers: the key to overcoming the fear of injury

Another mistake we make is comparing our situation to that of someone else we know. Every injury is a world. Moreover, the same discomfort can affect each athlete in a different way, in which a large number of factors intervene.

If a training partner has gone through the same thing as you and experienced a relapse, this should not be the case for you. Always listen to the professionals and don't get carried away in comparisons.

Don't pressure yourself

Pushing yourself too hard has serious consequences. It is normal that the moment you come out of the injury you are not at the same level as before, but remember that physical form is recovering. With patience and a proper plan, you will surely overcome all your challenges.

Consider the injury as vocational training

It may sound cliched, but the truth is that athletes can learn from negative experiences such as periods of injury.

Of course, from that moment on, you are more responsible for the appearance of any inconvenience, and you will know how to listen to your body in a better way.


Many professionals point out that to reach a full recovery, we must take into account the physical and mental aspect. If an athlete lacks confidence in their recovery or constantly fears a relapse, they will not perform well.

Often, overcoming all these fears is a daunting challenge for a person, so it is important to pay attention to a series of factors such as getting support from a coach, gradually returning to the activity to increase confidence, not comparing with other similar situations, etc.

Did our tips on how to overcome fear after an injury help you? Remember that, if necessary, you can go to a sports psychologist.


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