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How to lose weight with an exercise bike thanks to our training program

 How to lose weight with an exercise bike thanks to our training program

We often wonder if it is really possible to lose weight with an exercise bike. The answer is yes! Affordable, it is ideal for sculpting the lower body and eliminating significant calorie loss. By combining a balanced diet with regular training, you will see your efforts rewarded.

Our program to lose weight on cycling cycles

It is possible to do exercise bikes to lose weight provided that you stick to your program. Many options are available to you. Intermittent training (HIIT) consists of a sequence and repetition of an intense pedaling session followed by a recovery phase, each lasting a few minutes. During exercise, your body relies on your sugar stores.

Thus, the fat mass is eliminated during and after the session. Studies actually tend to show that the body continues to burn 10% more calories than those already eliminated in the 24 hours following a workout. Efforts here are intense. Remember to warm up for a long time and make enough time to recover after the session.

Interval training consists of working at a medium, regular speed before gradually increasing the intensity of the pedal. It allows you to lose weight gradually while limiting the possibility of its rapid recovery.

Pedal: beginner level

If you're just starting out, experts recommend starting with a 30-minute session. Start at a slow pace for about ten minutes, then continue for a quarter of an hour pedaling at moderate intensity, then finally 5 minutes of pedaling at a slow pace. Repeat the exercise three times a week.

Pedal: middle level

Start with a 20-minute warm-up at a moderate pace to prepare your body for the effort. Then switch to a more steady pace for 30 minutes. Recover for 10 minutes at a slow pace.

Pedal: advanced level

After a 20-minute warm-up, begin 20 minutes of fast pedaling. You can then perform 10 minutes of interval training by doing a series of 30 seconds of intense pedaling and 30 seconds of a slow release of ten repetitions. Finish the process with 10 minutes at a moderate pace and don't forget to stretch well after the cool-down phase.

Some tips to improve your efforts on an exercise bike

Losing weight with an exercise bike easily incorporates the concept of fun and boosts your motivation regarding the likelihood of achieving your goals. With this in mind, try to conduct your sessions on a daily basis and at a fixed time through a program at a regular pace.

For example, schedule your training every Wednesday and Saturday at the end of the day, at a time when you won't be disturbed. Plug in the phone and play a classy playlist you've curated with dynamic ringtones you love. You will be amazed at the power of the music when you put in the effort and you may end up as a dancer on your saddle! Another option if the context allows: make use of your terrace on sunny days and get some fresh air on your sportbike. There's nothing quite like fresh air on your face to give yourself a little boost. If you need support, use apps to organize your sessions.

With Technogym Bike, you can benefit from online lessons but also from unlimited entertainment. Finally, remember to note in each session the time you spend, the development of your measurements and weight ... Seeing that you are holding longer and longer, that you have lost a few centimeters or a few kilograms, this is the best motivation.

Other Benefits of an Exercise Bike

The exercise bike not only makes you lose weight, but it also sculpts the silhouette in a harmonious way, especially at the level of the legs and buttocks. And that's not all.

Cycling adjusts your heart system and protects you from cardiovascular accidents.

Exercising regularly and at the right intensity increases your ability to breathe.

Unlike running, cycling protects your joints and avoids back pain.

Cycling is also ideal for rehabilitating your legs after an accident or muscle damage.

It's an excellent anti-stress, perfect after a long day at work, to clear your mind.

An intense pedaling session for 5 to 10 minutes releases sleep hormones. Forget herbal tea and pedal in the clouds.

Regular cycling helps regulate blood sugar levels in the body on a daily basis.

Are you convinced and want to be equipped to pedal freely at home? Discover a wide range of exercise bikes. Easy to use with professional biomechanics providing smooth and silent pedals, it combines comfort, ergonomics and touch screens that allow you to analyze your performance and monitor your heart rate.

More advanced like the Skillbike replicates the dynamics of hill riding, with the road, time trial and MTB positions for cycling enthusiasts.


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