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How to lose weight and build muscle?

 How to lose weight and build muscle?

To lose weight, it is necessary to be in a caloric deficit, that is, to consume fewer calories than you need. For this, it is necessary to calculate the daily calories on all your meals and snacks.

How do you lose weight?

To obtain better results and improve body composition, it is of course recommended to follow a healthy and balanced diet and to engage in intense and regular physical activity. In fact, she prefers high-quality foods and avoids all the already prepared dishes, fast food, sweets, etc. The body will then rely on its energy and fat reserves to be able to continue to function and to ensure the body's overall health.

There are supplements that help you burn more calories and thus help you lose weight such as Fat Burners (such as Thermospeed Hardcore from Olimp) or L-Carnitine such as My Carnitine from MyMuscle which can facilitate the transfer of fat reserves for energy purposes (1).

In the field of bodybuilding the main goal is to continue to build muscle while losing weight associated with stored fat. In the rest of this article, we will see if it is possible to build muscle while losing weight to get more defined and defined muscles.

Can you lose weight and build muscle at the same time?

Saying "fat turns into muscle" is completely wrong. In fact, there are many practitioners who dream of being able to lose weight while gaining muscle mass at the same time but, despite intense efforts, do not succeed in achieving it. In fact, it is impossible to combine fat loss with muscle gain. To gain

 muscle mass, it is necessary to be in a calorie surplus, that is, to absorb more calories than you expend. So the link between weight loss and muscle gain seems incompatible because they are two completely different goals. However, if you are a beginner or have weight to lose, you may be able to gain muscle mass while losing weight and fat at the same time.

So it will be necessary to proceed in two stages by doing either cutting and then muscle gain or vice versa depending on your goal and current physical condition.


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