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How to get back in shape after Christmas

 How to get back in shape after Christmas

In winter, it is very common to suspend your training. During this period, there is a risk of losing strength, flexibility and endurance and it is very common to notice weight gain caused by excess food and lack of physical activity. That's why we studied the best ways to get back in shape and eliminate some misconceptions.

No diet!

Significantly reducing nutrient intake can have negative effects, including promoting loss of muscle mass.

Training Tips

Do not overdo the aerobic exercises. Running for hours is not necessarily the best way to lose weight. The more you focus on cardio, the less time you devote to strength training. Weight training has also been shown to be more effective in burning calories and redefining your muscles. So it is the perfect type of exercise to regain figure before vacation. Of course, some cardio exercises will help you get rid of excess, but they will be more effective if you combine them with weight training sessions.

On the other hand, after a long period of inactivity, it is important to resume training by gradually increasing the difficulty. Thus, you are gradually adapting to the exercises to avoid overtraining and possible injuries. We advise you to reassess your capabilities, define your new 1RM (repeat max) for your exercises and develop a specific program to achieve your new goals.

One can lose flexibility even during a period of inactivity of up to a week. Doing active stretching before a workout and static stretching at the end of a workout are key to avoiding potential injuries. In short, to get back in shape after vacation:

Eating an extreme diet or exercising intensely will only increase your risk of injury or harm your health.

At first, resume your workouts by gradually increasing intensity and volume.

Eat a balanced diet.

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