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How to deal with bad exercise

 How to deal with bad exercise

Discover some tricks for managing a bad workout.

Sometimes even amateur athletes are affected by the fact that they do not conduct a training session as planned. It is necessary for the individual to evaluate his performance by paying attention to the set of sessions he has completed, because we are not in the same situation every day.

  • Here are some tips that may help you.
  • Keys to managing bad training
  • These are the main keys you should keep in mind to manage poor training:

Evaluate what are the possible causes

There are factors that can negatively affect our training: weather, diet, hydration status, improper rest, etc.

When you are done with the training, review all these aspects to discover the cause, this way you will be able to solve it on future occasions.

Check your training notebook

Training notebook is a great tool for any athlete. We can write in it the types of exercises we had, the sensations we experienced, the goals achieved, if we felt any discomfort, etc.

In this sense, it will help you spot potential issues and also be aware of your performance progress.

Focus on what went well: essential to managing bad training

We tend to focus on the negatives. When we have a period when we're doing well and suddenly a session doesn't go as expected, we tend to focus completely on it.

Clear your mind. It doesn't mean that you ignore what happened, but you should also appreciate all those courses that you have passed.

Don't put yourself under too much pressure

Remember that sports are a fun moment for non-professional athletes. Don't turn training sessions into extra stress in your life.

Try to improve some habits

You may have to improve some of your daily habits. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I pay attention to my diet and hydration?

Do I respect my rest days or am I training too much?

Am I under too much pressure?

Am I implementing the guidelines that favor recovery (stretching, going to a physiotherapist, etc.)?

Ask for help from a professional trainer

Was it just a bad day or did you discover that you are at a point where you cannot successfully carry out your training? If you find yourself in the first situation, you should not give it too much importance. As mentioned, there are many reasons why you may not be working as you wish.

However, if you feel that you are in a loop that you cannot get out of, you may need to make some adjustments. For example, your training plan may be too demanding or you may not pay attention to recovery.

Therefore, the best solution is to go to a professional trainer to assess your situation.


Remember that one exercise does not define you. You may not be able to pass the session successfully due to various factors. The key is to analyze the situation to discover the problem, not obsess over what happened.

In addition, you should view exercise as a moment of liberation so that you do not assume additional stresses on your life.

We hope our advice on how to manage a bad workout will help you. And you, can you add more?


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