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How to combine sports and student life

 How to combine sports and student life

Being a student often meshes with fast food, lecture hall days, revision papers and of course student parties. Unfortunately, the place of sports in this table is often lost, despite the range of benefits that it brings on a physical and mental level.

Don't put sports in the background, a FizzUp coach gives you his best tips for incorporating sports into your student life and why you'll make your year successful.

Work out for a successful year

Get fitter

Studying, revising, cramming... This requires you to focus for hours on end in order to properly absorb the knowledge. You need to be in good shape to take on this mental load and get all your energy back. Learning mainly occurs by sleeping properly.

What does this have to do with physical activity? Thanks to your exercise session, your body stimulates the production of endorphins. This hormone makes it possible to get more restful sleep, fall asleep more easily and avoid insomnia.

Although your sleep is important to iron health, your immunity is also boosted by exercise and allows you to fight infections. You will no longer be afraid of catching a cold or a stomachache on exam day and you will be at the top of learning in peace.

Finally, sitting for long hours often leads to back pain. Consider improving your posture with muscle strengthening and the FizzUp Posture program.

Get a mind of steel

To face long hours of reviews and exams, your mind has to be as fit as your body.

A French study proved that sports improve mental strength and self-confidence. Of the more than 3,500 women surveyed, 73% admitted that exercise improves their mental strength and self-confidence.

Being active mentally strengthens you to face all challenges. The fact that you exceed yourself during training is transferred directly into your daily life to face difficulties.

Public speaking is easier, revision for your final exams becomes easier with the help of a strong mind and you will realize what you are capable of and you will succeed!

How is it organized?

Training a few times a week with FizzUp doesn't require you to adopt a whole new routine but to take a few small initiatives. Here are some organizational tips for making your training fit into your student life.

Train at the best time

Improve your training by preferring your evening sessions to free your mind before the evening...or conversely, get up in the morning to motivate you for the whole day!

You can also take advantage of the gap between two runways to spend a few moments with the Student Program, designed specifically for students to be mentally and physically stronger.

There is no "best" time to train, you have to find what works best for your lifestyle and what allows you to guarantee your sessions in the long run.

Prepare your things the day before

Prepare your gym equipment the day before so you don't forget anything and motivate yourself for the next day's session. If you train with multiple people, designate a meeting point and take your gym bag to class so you don't waste time picking it up.

Choose a sports app

Going to his training place requires time spent in transportation which is often not neglected. It quickly wastes 30 to 60 minutes throughout the day... By choosing a sports app, you don't have to travel: your session goes with you wherever you go.

You can spend a few moments at home and then quietly refocus your reviews on the amount of relocation time some take.

Being physically active with your smartphone is cheaper than joining a gym or paying an annual fee. Plus, with FizzUp, no equipment is needed thanks to the body weight programs. The investment is minimal, but the results are maximum.

With FizzUp, discover sports without restrictions! Avoid hours of researching which exercises to do, how many repetitions and how many sets to do. Your online coach takes care of everything, motivates you and customizes your program so that your training is optimized to help you eat better with his workout menus.

Choose self-confidence at student parties and easily win your year with sports activity. Discover our new student program to breathe for a few minutes at home and get back to sports with ease!


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