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How to adjust the intensity of running

 How to adjust the intensity of running

Do you know how to adjust the intensity of running in running? Do you think that you can benefit more from your training or on the contrary, do you think that you have overstepped your limits?

On this occasion, we reveal the factors you should take into consideration for a more efficient and safe operation.

Keys to adjust the intensity in your races

First of all, we must be clear that not all running training sessions have to be conducted at the same intensity. In fact, always maintaining the same routine is what will lead us to stagnation and injuries.

A runner who does not include fast sessions in his training plan will not improve his speed. On the other hand, those who do not ride slowly or at a moderate speed will also be negatively affected and will have a high probability of getting injured or experiencing some discomfort.

Here are some keys to adjusting your running intensity:

Create a diversified training plan

Don't go jogging without having a plan. Said plan should include various sessions: explosive and short sequences, long sequences, tempo changes, hill sessions, slow shooting, etc.

Watch your heart rate

Review your heart rate data to understand the effect your chosen force has on your body. If you are going to complete a quiet photo session and your heart rate is rising rapidly, you are doing something wrong.

Hourly speed control: Necessary to adjust running intensity

Today it is very easy to control the pace of the race thanks to the wide variety of GPS watches in existence.

Before you go for a run, set the approximate pace you intend to take in that session and pay attention to the data your watch provides so you don't overdo it or relax too much.

Are you not trained quickly enough? If this happens to you, analyze the possible causes. Perhaps you did not rest properly, you were affected by something you ate, and your mood is not the best ... There are a variety of reasons why sometimes a workout does not go as expected. do not worry!

Feelings are important

Of course, the sensations we experience during the race are very important to adjust the intensity. Be aware of how your body accommodates the training so you don't get injured.

Seek help from a professional

The most reasonable option for adjusting your racing intensity is to seek help from a professional coach who will study your condition and provide you with a customized plan.

Other aspects that affect your running intensity

Of course, we should not ignore other aspects that affect the intensity of training.

The first is the temperature. With the onset of summer and heat we must be more careful.

We do not recommend conducting very intense sessions if the temperature is high, because in these cases the health of the athlete is at risk.

Ideally, in the summer the density of shoots is reduced and lighter sessions are included. Pay less attention to the clock and more to the sensations in your body.

On the other hand, the situation in which the runner finds himself will make him train with a higher or lower strength. For example, an individual who has just come out of an injury should not complete the challenging sessions, because the return to running should be progressive.

Now you know the key to how to adjust the intensity in your races. Remember that it is very important not to run all sessions with the same force. This way you will improve your performance and avoid the appearance of injuries and discomfort. If you need help, turn to a professional trainer for advice.


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