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How not to lose your muscles during confinement?

 How not to lose your muscles during confinement?

While booking, all travel is prohibited except for urgent and vital needs such as shopping for food. Therefore, it is no longer possible to train in the gym or even run outdoors for more than one kilometer. Therefore, many athletes wonder how not to lose muscle mass during this difficult period. To do this, we will list our suggestions for you to maintain a minimum amount of physical activity as well as follow a proper diet.

Keep physical activity at home

It is therefore advisable to continue doing physical activity at home, adapting your training to bodyweight exercises or with equipment depending on what you have: rubber bands, dumbbells, weights, home gym ... seam your muscle fibers. In another article, we have given you examples of training while in confinement.

Même s'il est impossible d'aller en salle de sport ou de s'entrainer dans des lieux publics extérieurs, essayer de vous entrainer au moins 30 minutes à raison de 4 à 5 séances par semaine afin d'éviter que vous restiez assis to today. The goal here is not to train every day or do very intense sessions, but to exercise at least for your mental health.

Why do you eat well during confinement?

It is recommended to follow a healthy and balanced diet to avoid losing muscle mass during pregnancy. So it will be necessary to eat enough with an accurate dose of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. In fact, proteins have been recognized to be effective in ensuring the maintenance and development of muscle mass (1). So try to focus on protein sources like white and red meat, eggs, fish, legumes...high quality carbs like rice, wholemeal pasta, quinoa and other carbs, and finally high quality fats like the good fatty acids that can be found in salmon, avocado, omega-3s, and more.

We recommend that you eat about 2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight for muscle mass, and 1 gram of fat per kilo of body weight for the overall good health of your body and fill your calories with carbohydrates according to your energy needs. So try to eat enough calories to maintain your weight and muscle mass and avoid embarking on a period of gaining or cutting back which could ruin all your efforts during the rest of the year.

Supplements such as whey protein can meet your protein needs to ensure muscle mass is maintained (1).


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