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How does it move smoothly?

 How does it move smoothly?

Being active is essential to keeping fit, reducing stress, and stimulating your immune system. But for many, sports rhymes are effort-intensive, and that's not always the case. Find out how to move smoothly...

If the goal is relaxation, fitness, and improving your posture, yoga may be the answer. Coming from India, this discipline has been democratized in the West, especially in the United States, through the influence of fashion.

The most practiced yoga is hatha yoga, which mainly depends on the dimension of the body. The different postures, breathing techniques and dynamic movements involved make it a system that combines physical, spiritual, bodybuilding and serenity. The goal is to be aware of your body to better understand it and better control it. The feeling of relief is almost instant. The more regular the practice, the more comfortable you will feel during and after class... (Read more: Stretching)

Stretching is a gentle form of gymnastics that offers stretching exercises accompanied by breathing exercises. Stretching is instinctive because it brings relief and helps stop contractions, wake up or warm up, especially when these stretches are controlled and accompanied by breathing exercises.

The different positions are done on the ground or standing. Stretching can be practiced as an activity by itself or in addition to another physical activity... (Read more: Pilates)

Pilates combines the practices of yoga, gymnastics and dance. There are over 500 different exercises that sometimes involve the use of props such as a ball, circle, or rubber band.

This practice relies on 8 main axes: breathing, control, posture, fluidity of movements, centering (= abdominal contraction), arrangement and relaxation. All parts of the body are affected, even if the abdominal and gluteal muscles are more stressed. Some poses may seem challenging but are done gently, so without risking your muscles and joints. Pilates exercises allow you to realize yourself and your body for a guaranteed healthy effect ... (Read more: Swimming

Swimming is a rare sport where the effort involved is painless. Underwater movements lighten the body by 80% of its true weight. Thus joints and tendons are less stressed. The back is not shocked. On the other hand, swimming requires all the muscles.

It is not necessary to double the lengths to find fun and observe results. Swimming with a plank, for example, allows you to work only the lower body. Aquagym also allows you to exercise underwater. Combining active movements against a musical background, this practice especially attracts women ... (Read more: dancing)

 Whether it is classical, modern or ballroom dancing, it allows you to exercise the whole body. It involves a strong coordination of the movements of the arms and legs but also a certain balance. The lower body is used the most, especially the abdominal and gluteal muscles.

In addition to its physical benefits, learning to dance has moral benefits. The music leads the dancers to escape and focus so that they do not lose the rhythm. In addition, this sport is generally practiced as a couple or in a group, which leads to an important idea of ​​participation.


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