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How do you lose fat under your arms?

 How do you lose fat under your arms?

Whether it's cellulite, fat or aging, our arms suffer. When "arm fat" begins to settle, it is not necessarily easy to get rid of it. Some tips and tricks that are easy to implement.

Underarm fat is not the most attractive thing, it should be recognized. As is often the case, it is not necessarily easy to get rid of. Tips and tricks are out there, but you still have to know and apply them diligently. For people who are overweight, it will be necessary to work the whole body before specifically attacking the arms.

Eat better!

First, a simple change in diet can help, not just the arms. Some people adopt a small plate regimen every three hours. It doesn't work for everyone, you have to know how to organize yourself so the quantities aren't too big. Eating less food, but more often helps stimulate the metabolism, thus converting sugar into energy (not into fat).

Foods that are high in fat are harmful, as fat is stored everywhere, even in the arms. To lose weight, we generally turn to vegetables, but be careful how you cook them. If you cook it in a frying pan with fat: your vegetables will be no better than a fried dish. So we choose to eat them raw or after healthy cooking: steamed, boiled or blanched with as little fat as possible.

Protein is also welcome, as it is essential when you want to build muscle. So we stock up on meat (red and lean), eggs, fish and tofu for those vegetarians and vegans... Concretely: the more we eat, the more muscle can develop easily and quickly (but that won't excuse you from exercise). A little tip: the egg is the most complete.

Drink better!

Do you know what our arms are made of? More than 60% water. The remaining proportions are shared between bone and muscle. So drink! Water helps drain by flushing out accumulated toxins.

With sunny days coming, you don't necessarily want to just drink water, so consider lemonade (preferably homemade). It's very easy to do. Squeeze 4 lemons in 1 liter of water. Lemon has detoxing properties. It removes fat more easily, unlike soft drinks, which have the opposite effect.

Move better!

Obviously, some exercise is recommended. But rest assured, it is not necessary to spend 5 hours a week in the gym. Small exercise sessions at home are sufficient. It is important that you exceed 20 minutes in each session, because this is the time when fat burning begins.

Weightlifting is perfect. If you don't have dumbbells, take water bottles, they will be just as effective. The idea is to build up the muscles in your arms to prevent fat from settling there. There is also the push-up method, which allows you to lift your weight. Bring your hands together if you want to work the triceps. Rubber bands are also very effective for working out your arms (among other things).

Another way: the swimming pool. Swimming is one of the most complete sports, it makes everything work: arms, legs, abdominals, back ... We will have a preference for front crawl or back crawl.

Finally, boxing, jumping rope, tennis, basketball... all of these are excellent for arms. So, with a healthy diet and some regular exercise, your arms should slim down pretty quickly.

One last tip: if you have knots around your arms, you must first stop wearing tight sleeves, this will only accentuate the impression of “big arms”. But beware, not all short-sleeved T-shirts are good either. The tops of American tanks, for example, protrude the arms. We prefer tank tops with thin straps. For the rest, the long sleeves make it possible to camouflage the unsightly fat of the arm.


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