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Getting up early to exercise: How do you do it?

 Getting up early to exercise: How do you do it?

Find out how to get up early to exercise and beat laziness once and for all.

Doing any sporting activity first thing in the morning is a great feat for many users. However, this fact can become another routine in our lives. It is only necessary to take into account some keys.

What are the benefits of getting up early to exercise?

If you decide to practice first thing in the morning, you will get the following advantages and benefits:

The temperatures will be more pleasant during the summer, so you will be able to perform better.

Exercising at this time of day will fill you with energy and vitality for the rest of the day.

Exercise is a way to de-stress, so you'll start the morning with a better mood.

Intense exercise in the late afternoon should not be done, as it can negatively affect sleep. Therefore, we recommend getting up early to complete these sessions.

Tricks to get you up early to exercise

After discovering the main benefits of exercising in the morning, we show you some tricks so you can wake up early and stick to your training routine. Don't forget to take a note!

Set the alarm for a few minutes

In case you are not used to getting up early, it is very likely that it will cost you to present the alarm for a few hours.

The best thing is to wake up in the first week about 15 minutes earlier than you normally would. When some time has passed and you realize that your body is adjusting, try bringing the time to wake up again. Certainly if you do it incrementally, the change will not be surprising. This will help you not to give up on your goal.

Write your goals in a notebook

To feel more committed to this new challenge, we suggest the following: Create a practice notebook in which you write down your goals. In addition, you can write down how you handle the whole process, how your body feels, if you have difficulty getting up early, changes you have noticed in your performance, etc.

Social networks can help you

Did you know that social networks can become great allies to achieve our goal? Of course, we must be able to handle it properly.

First of all, don't compare yourself to any other user. You will likely see people who exercise first thing in the morning without any difficulty. This fact should not affect you in a negative way. Remember that every situation is different and that everyone needs a different adaptation process.

A good idea is to share the challenge with your community and even suggest some friends to join you.

Rest well: a must if you want to get up early for exercise

Of course, to wake up early without feeling lazy or tired, you need to sleep properly.

Pay attention to your sleep hours and quality. So:

Create an alarm on your mobile phone to remind you when to sleep.

Try to rest between 7 or 8 hours a day.

Make your room environment comfortable: try to get a good temperature, lighting, noise isolation, etc.

Do not use screens before bed, as they negatively interfere with your comfort. Minimize cell phone use at night.

light dinner

Dinner affects your rest hours. In the event that you eat an abundant meal, you may sleep uncomfortably and even feel restless.

Eat easily digestible foods and reduce the quantities.

Company training

If you have the opportunity, meet a friend to go to training together first thing in the morning. It's something that usually works well to avoid laziness. In addition, the session will be more enjoyable.

Prepare materials at night

Have the clothes and all the materials you'll use while training at night, so you'll lose less time when you wake up.

Having the whole team ready will also make you feel more committed to your challenge.

We hope our tricks on how to get up early to exercise will help you. And you, do you find it difficult to complete your training first thing in the morning?


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