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Full Body Weight Workout in 10 Minutes (At Home)

 Full Body Weight Workout in 10 Minutes (At Home)

Today, more than ever, it is essential to take time out to stay in good physical and mental health.

Here is a complete body weight workout you can do in just 10 minutes at home!

Benefits of a 10 minute full body weight workout

  • No equipment needed
  • You can train at home
  • Improving the capabilities of the heart and respiratory system
  • Activate major muscle groups
  • Increased heart rate and calories burned
  • improve brain activity
  • body weight training plan

Do each bodyweight exercise with an interval of 10/50:50 seconds. Intense efforts, then 10 seconds. rest time

Repeat the chain twice

Important: For best results, keep intensity high. Go ahead and go as fast as you can, but make sure you're doing the exercises right!

Optional changes for beginners

Repeat 30 seconds. of exercise, then 30 seconds. rest time

For these bodyweight workouts, choose simpler variations shown in the videos below

10 minute full body weight workout

1. Flat burpee

The flat burpee is the ultimate in quick, intense workout.

Easier variation for beginners: 4-number burpee

2. Skater Abs

Work out the rectus and obliques abs using the skater abs. This exercise also increases your heart rate: Enjoy a good cardio session!

The easiest alternative for beginners: the wooden leg raise

3. Falling lunges

Thanks to the landings, your thighs will be on fire in seconds!

The Easiest Alternative for Beginners: Back Lunges

4. Push up shoulder taps

Lifting taps work on upper body strength and balance.

Easier options for beginners: Knee push-ups

5. 180 squat jump

Finish the series with one last leg exercise, the 180 squat jumps.

The easiest swing for beginners: 180 jumps

Our advice:

In times of stress, exercise will help you feel calm and relaxed. Even busy people can find time to do several short workouts during the week. After only two weeks, you will find that you will be completely addicted to the feeling of relief after physical exertion. Maybe you'll be ready to fit long workouts into your schedule!

Are short workouts really effective?

Yes, short courses are a great method, provided of course that you train at an intense pace and push your limits to the limit. To maintain a good mental and physical balance, it is also recommended to combine these short HIIT workouts with longer, less intense workouts.

Many people feel healthier when they stay active throughout the day. So do not hesitate, in addition to your training, to move as much as possible: go for walks, gardening, all kinds of activities.

Looking for other short workouts? So download the adidas Training app and explore our range of workouts!


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