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Exercises to improve endurance

 Exercises to improve endurance

The benefits of physical activity can be endless. Much has been said about the importance of physical exercise in improving and maintaining health. In running, endurance is an essential component of good performance. So it's time to put on your favorite running shoes and start training. Below we will tell you the best exercises to improve stamina and their importance in life and sports.

Best exercises to improve stamina and its benefits

If you do regular physical activity, you probably know or have an idea of ​​your stamina. But what is the exact definition? Endurance is a person's physical ability to resist and bear fatigue. In simpler terms, it can be interpreted as a person's ability to exercise before needing a break. It is also important to note that there are two main types of endurance, aerobic endurance and anaerobic endurance. Soon we will learn about the differences and the best exercises to improve them.

The importance of endurance in sports

Before going into the details of resistance, it should be emphasized that this factor is one of the most important during physical exercise. The endurance of an athlete is completely related to his performance. Good resistance will allow you to perform an activity with greater intensity and for a longer period, which will translate into better performance and better results.

Fatigue is an unavoidable condition. Everyone reaches this stage at some point in physical activity, but with developed stamina it can be avoided for a longer period. The ability has a direct impact on health in a positive way. Here are the benefits of exercising to improve endurance:

  • The possibility of injury during physical activity is reduced.
  • Improving the capacity of the heart.
  • Improve lung capacity.
  • The immune system is completely improved.
  • Increase muscle mass and strength.
  • Improved performance in intense activities and daily life

Aerobic and anaerobic resistance

There are two basic types of resistance, aerobic and anaerobic. The first is the ability to perform exercises of low or medium intensity over a long period of time. In contrast, anaerobic endurance is the ability to perform a very intense exercise in a short time.

There can be two very clear examples of these two resistances, to understand them better, the comparison between a distance runner and a runner. A marathon runner needs very developed aerobic resistance, to be able to run long distances, at a lower intensity. For his part, a sprinter who runs 100 meters flat needs good anaerobic resistance, because he will have to run at full speed and intensity for a few seconds.

Best exercises to improve stamina

How do you improve your endurance? What are the best exercises to do?

Skipping rope. It is one of the most complete exercises, which primarily improves cardiovascular endurance.

employment . Running is one of the best ways to improve endurance, especially when running long distances. It is important to train at a lighter pace, increasing the distance with each exercise. The best part about running is that you don't need any special gear or equipment, just put on your favorite unisex women's running shoes and get out there.

strength training Muscular strength is an essential part of good endurance. In fact, they are completely related. It is important to exercise with your own weight or extra weight to improve muscle and joint strength.

Burpee exercise. Burpees are one of the most comprehensive specific exercises out there. The reason this exercise improves endurance is that it engages the whole body, improves strength, and is also a great cardiovascular exercise.

panels. Planks are one of the favorite exercises for those looking to improve their endurance. This exercise requires a lot of effort for the entire body, especially the abdomen and arms.

bicycle . Cycling increases your cardiovascular and muscular endurance, especially in the legs. It is an exercise that can be done for a long time, allowing you to increase the distance and intensity to improve your endurance.


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