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Don't limit your challenges, test your limits.

 Don't limit your challenges, test your limits.

Accept the challenges if you want to taste the fruits of victory

The desire to win and the desire to compete with others and improve relentlessly. The challenge is a mirror that reflects your image back to you, telling you who you are and what your limits are and at the same time pushing you to go beyond them.

Nothing like a challenge to express the best in a man and an athlete. A challenge against you and opponents is a powerful motivator, and the sport is an ideal ground for perfect challenges.

Maradona, Pele, Kobe, Bartelli, Borg and McEnroe. These few names are among others synonymous with legendary rivalries that have led to some of the most exciting events in the history of the sport.

Can we all feel like professional athletes? We don't race tracks or run big marathons, but where can we appreciate the sincerity of competition and savor victory? In our gym, of course.

motivational sessions

Run indoors on your favorite outdoor excursion, challenge your neighbor on the carpet, try out classic Olympic disciplines, marathons, and even paddleboard against the neighbor's team. These are just some of the opportunities offered by Technogym cardio products and apps. Several new Interval courses are available on UNITY. Additionally, with the Myrunning Logbook, you can reproduce external runs recorded using compatible mobile applications such as RunKeeper, MapMyFitness and Strava or connected objects such as Garmin and Polar.

heart involvement

Stimulating cardio sessions When it was released in 2002, the Excite line was truly innovative, thanks to its integrated Wellness TV and Playstation 2, the entertainment precursors to Technogym cardio products. This engaging experience has set new standards in cardiovascular training, and is attracting many clients to gyms.

In 2007, television became active: Wellness Active TV. The complete entertainment system includes built-in TV and radio, iPod-compatible and a range of portable audio-visual devices. But there's more: the smart interface recognizes the type of user and provides training and entertainment information in the configuration they prefer.

At Technogym, innovation is continuous, and 3 years later, VISIOWEB was born. It's the first hardware platform that lets you surf the Internet, read and send emails, and entertain yourself by listening to the radio, watching TV, or using your devices like iPod and iPhone.

Today experience UNITY 3.0, the digital console that enables a truly personalized experience.

Racing: running

UNITY is the first Android cardio console on the market that allows users to stay connected to their club and lifestyle, wherever they are. The UNITY console works like a tablet and includes a whole gamut of innovative and intuitive functions including TV, Bluetooth, music, Skype, Internet, games and a plethora of personal training programs and virtual training sites. It is ideal for motivating, motivating and entertaining the user during training sessions.

Lessons Competition is a powerful motivator and source of entertainment. The era of running alongside every recluse on the treadmill is over. Thanks to the races available in UNITY, users can race together, challenge their friends or other people, or take part in a race as a team. You can choose one of the three available modes.

against. With VERSUS, challenge your friends and colleagues to the distances and courses we've created or join others' courses. In the same club, up to 10 users can challenge each other in real time.

Marathon.With Marathon, you will experience one of the greatest marathons in the world, right in the club. The virtual location is made more realistic by being able to tilt the treadmill to reflect the original path. You don't have to run a marathon all at once. If the user interrupts the race, UNITY 3.0 will resume the race at the same point the next time.

the ring. The ARENA function allows you to enter the track with all the other runners (each on the club mat): just log in and choose your running mate.

Races: rowing

This time, the challenge moves on to the water. Or, more precisely, on a rowing machine that perfectly simulates the sensation of floating on water. SKILLROW is the first fully connected indoor rowing machine that allows athletes to perform cardio and energy training.

Thanks to the SKILLROW app, users can live a more stimulating digital experience: as if they always had a virtual helmsman at their side.

Training and competition. The SKILLROW app gives you access to in-house training programs dedicated to performance, such as Technogym Neuromuscular Training and Interval Training. The app also allows you to take part in exhilarating competitions and challenge yourself or others.

Follow the rhythm. The user sets the speed to reach a friend's best score or challenge it in a new challenge each week, thus maintaining the desire to improve.

SKILLROW class. With the dedicated app and UNITY SELF station, coaches can easily turn a SKILLROW course into an exciting racing sprint. Participants are separated into groups that grapple with each other. On the big screen, you see the boats move in response to the team's efforts and timing, motivating participants to paddle not only for themselves, but for their team as well. The coach constantly monitors the performance and results of the participants.


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