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Does whey make you fart?

 Does whey make you fart?

This topic may make you smile, but it's not uncommon to hear some practitioners have digestive issues with whey protein, which causes flatulence. It's very likely that you can't tolerate whey or other milk proteins, which can become irritating on a daily basis. Since some are lactose intolerant, you may also be intolerant of dairy protein powders.

Reasons why whey causes you to pass wind

Flatulence can come from many causes, but is generally due to the source and quality of the whey protein involved. In fact, some protein powders are difficult to break down and digest by the body, resulting in gas and bloating in some people. This will of course depend on the specifics of each and your reaction to protein powders. According to several scientific studies, lactose intolerance can cause abdominal cramps and flatulence (1).

Danger of lactose intolerance

For people who are lactose intolerant and who have a lactase deficiency, the lactose in whey protein is undigested and therefore does not pass through the stomach and into the stomach where it must be fermented. This process causes gas and therefore flatulence, stomach cramps, bloating and even diarrhea, which can be very annoying in everyday life as well as during training!

Quality whey protein

In general, true whey isolates contain very little lactose, which causes fewer digestive problems. Depending on the manufacturing processes used, this can also alter the protein and thus alter the digestion process. So be careful to choose the highest quality proteins to avoid some inconveniences as much as possible! In fact, some proteins are so rich in additives and added building materials (thickeners, gums, etc) that can increase the risk of bloating and flatulence!

Mix with plenty of cold water

Some practitioners and we are the first to mix whey protein with very cold water for a better mouth taste and fresh sensation. Moreover, the temperature of the fluid in which it is diluted can cause bloating or flatulence. Mixing whey with cold water too often can cause heat shock to the digestive system, causing flatulence and sometimes diarrhea for the most sensitive of you.

How to avoid gas while taking whey?

With what we saw above, you have all the keys to avoiding gas and bloating as much as possible associated with consuming whey protein! To come to a brief conclusion, here is what we can advise you:

change the brand of protein by choosing whey without lactose or with fewer additives;

Choose a protein that is of the highest quality and best able to meet your needs in accordance with your budget for supplements;

Replace protein sources with plant-based proteins like rice, hemp, peas... You simply cannot digest milk-based proteins.

Use alternatives: give preference to solid food by filling your protein intake with chicken, meat, eggs, etc.;

Lack of fiber and vegetables: Make sure you have enough fiber and vegetables in your diet to improve the digestion of acidic proteins for the body! Acid-base balance is essential for better progression!


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