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Does whey expire?

 Does whey expire?

Like all supplements or foods that we can consume on a daily basis, whey has an expiration date, but an optimal use date. However, it is necessary to distinguish between the date of use and the date of use. For products with an expiration date, avoid using them after this date because of the risk of health problems. Whey, like casein, has an ideal use history certifying to be safe, which means it can be consumed without posing a health risk if the expiration date is exceeded.

With this in mind, in this article we will see whether or not whey can expire and whether it is dangerous to take it if the expiration date has passed.

How long can unopened whey last?

Unopened whey can last for one to two years past the expiration date if stored in a cool, dry place. In general, the taste may not change after 18 months from the best before date, but the protein powder may spoil. It will of course be recommended to consume your whey on the deadline to make sure you take advantage of all the benefits of this bodybuilding product.

How do you recognize expired whey?

To identify expired whey, it is simple and logical. If the whey has passed its expiration date, you can perform taste and aroma tests to check if these parameters have changed from normal. Regarding the appearance, the powder may have changed color or there are lumps formed. This means that your whey was able to absorb moisture and so it is highly advised not to take protein powder to avoid getting sick, for example.

These are the basic rules that can be applied to many nutritional supplements in powder form but also to other foods in our daily lives.

Is it dangerous to eat expired whey?

By definition, whey protein is a dietary supplement in the form of a dried powder. Therefore, it is a dry substance that reduces the risk of bacterial development. From this note, there is no danger of consuming expired whey after its expiration date. Be careful, however, to make sure the bag or jar is well sealed because if opened, the expiration date will be shorter (about 6 months max).

So you do not have the risk of consuming expired whey provided that the taste and aroma do not deteriorate. Otherwise, you may have bloating, stomach pain or other but nothing dangerous to your health.

Is expired whey still effective?

The quality of expired whey can be damaged if it is opened long after its best date. In fact, whey contains amino acids that may be less effective in the long run. As you understand, it is best to take whey before its expiration date in order to reap all the benefits for your physical and athletic goals! If you're past the expiration date by a few months, don't worry, you're not risking anything at all!


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