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CrossFit training on the beach

 CrossFit training on the beach

Discover our suggestion for CrossFit training on the beach.

When the holidays arrive, we tend to reduce the intensity of our training plan. In fact, it is advisable to disconnect a little to release ourselves from stress and return full of energy. However, it is also possible to stay active so as not to lose your fitness.

In addition, there are activities and routines that turn out to be very fun to do in the summer.

What is a cross fit

We can define crossfit as a physical conditioning system. It is based on the performance of various exercises with functional movements.

It is considered a high intensity activity. However, it is possible to adapt it to all levels.

CrossFit benefits

These are the main advantages of CrossFit:

  • Improves cardiovascular endurance.
  • Increases strength and power.
  • Positively interferes with coordination and balance.
  • There is an increase in flexibility.
  • CrossFit training on the beach

The main place to practice crossfit is the box, that is, it is not a traditional gym. The space is completely transparent and there are hardly any machines.

Although this activity is performed in the aforementioned place, it is possible to do some of the exercises in other environments.

In order not to stop your training during the holidays, we provide you with a simple routine that you can do at the beach. Don't forget to take a note!


We'll start with a light warm-up. You can do some movement and jogging exercises for 10 minutes.

squat jump

Stand erect, with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees and lower your body, keeping your back straight. Imagine that you are sitting in an imaginary chair.

When squatting, jump. Finally, land in a squat position.

Do 10 reps total.


Rest your hands and the balls of your feet on the floor. Next, bring your right knee to your right elbow and alternate sides.

Run the exercise for 30 seconds.


This exercise is very intense. To do this, stand up and bend your knees and sit with your hands on the floor. Jump slightly so that you push your feet back to stay in the plank position. Do a push-up, kicking your feet forward, returning to a squat position, and jumping up. Try to complete about 10 reps.

Does it cost you a lot? In this case, do the same exercise but without doing the push-up. Little by little you will master it.

stand up

Time to put in a strong belly! Lie on your back and bend your knees. Put a towel on the lower back so that there is no gap. Bring the soles of your feet together and open the adductors. Place your arms on either side of your head to take advantage of inertia. Raise your body by throwing your arms: your hands should touch the tips of your feet and the shoulder line should go beyond the hip line.

Repeat 20 times.

Jump rope

Next, jump rope for two minutes. Do it with your feet together.

jack bouncy

Get into a lunge position (one foot in front and one foot behind). Place your hands on your hips and keep your back straight.

Jump vigorously while changing the position of the legs. Complete 15 repetitions.

Finally, we recommend that you repeat all these exercises at least three times. You can set a two-minute break between each block.

Do CrossFit on the beach to keep fit during the holidays. In addition, you can combine it with other activities.


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