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Burpee, the super full strength workout

 Burpee, the super full strength workout

If the Burpee exercise is also feared and necessary among athletes, it's because it combines strength, agility, and explosiveness for different movements. With this fat burning workout, you develop all your muscles without neglecting your cardiovascular capabilities. Discover its advantages and how to exercise it.

multifaceted work

The leading workout for many disciplines, from fitness to CrossFit, including boot camp, Burpee has a reputation for intense workouts that don't go back to today. Developed by an American physiologist in the 1930s, burpees gained their stripes in the 1940s, when they were incorporated into fitness tests and tested by the U.S. Army. It has been democratized since in the gyms it has become a very popular bodyweight exercise with athletes.

This intense multi-joint action flatters the whole body. It provides a quick sequence of different muscle movements that test your explosiveness and agility. Principle ? You do a squat, a plank, a push-up (the torso on the floor for regulars) and then a squat followed by a vertical jump. The exercise is repeated.

How to do it well

In theory, Burpee doesn't seem difficult to perform. But it requires agility, coordination and a certain technique. Before getting into it, it is a good idea to dissect the different stages.

Starting position: You are standing, feet shoulder width apart, toes turned out, as if you were going to do a squat.

Step 1: Get down to a classic squat, bending your knees and pushing your butt back. With the difference that you continue to move with your hands on the ground.

Step 2: Swing your feet back into a plank position and bend your elbows to allow your chest to fall into a push-up position (until it touches the floor if you're comfortable).

Step 3: On the floor, you create a push-up by forcefully pushing back in your hands and by flexing your abdominal muscles (strongly contracting) in order to raise your chest and lift your feet forward. Return to a squatting position with your hand on the floor.

Step 4: From a squat position, jump vertically by pressing into your heels, raise your arms above your head and clap your hands. Land with your knees bent and return to a squat position. You are now ready to leave.

3 tips for a successful burpee

Quickly associating this set of moves increases the risk of bad moves and injuries. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of this exercise.

In a squatting position: feet shoulder width apart. Your knees do not move forward when you bend them. They stay in line with your ankles.

In the push-up and plank position: keep your back straight during the movement by contracting the abdominal muscles for better coverage. This protects your back.

When jumping: Ease your landing by rolling your feet on the floor, from toes to heels and bending your legs.

full muscle engagement

Burpees are somewhat similar to bodybuilding exercises. It allows you to work effectively and in synergy with almost all the major muscle groups in your body.

Arm muscles: target the deltoid (shoulders), biceps (front of the arms) and, to a lesser extent, triceps (back of the arms).

Calf muscles: By jumping and squatting, you can develop your hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and buttocks.

Core muscles: They also strengthen the abdominal muscles because they keep your body straight throughout the exercise. You also activate your chest (chest) when you move from a lying position (plank and push-up) to a squatting position.

 Different types of burp

There are many variations of Burpee, and each has its own difficulty. Specificity that makes this exercise adaptable to your current form and the intensity you want to give your training.

Extension: This is the easiest alternative. The movement is identical to the classic Burpee movement. You start standing, and do a squat by placing your hands on the floor and swinging your feet back. At this point, instead of letting your torso fall to the floor, you immediately return to a squatting position by lifting your feet forward. You usually follow with a jump.

Burpee + Traction: There it is, it thickens! Position yourself near the pull-up bar, then do the same movement as the classic burpee. At the moment of jumping, grab the bar and add a pull to the exercise set.

Maximum benefits

The burpee is one of the core exercises in FizzUp Workouts. Thanks to its intensity and the general work of your body, it speeds up your metabolism and offers many results:

You consume a lot of calories and burn extra fat.

You harmoniously muscle your entire body and increase your functional strength by toning nearly all of your muscle groups.

You are developing your muscular endurance. This facilitates your series of muscle contractions, which is very useful for many exercises and daily activities.

You improve your cardiovascular capabilities and breathe better. Your heart tenses severely and your heart rate increases sharply during exercise.

The Burpee is a series of highly effective movements that challenges your athletic strength and your brain. Training in this exercise is not only a way to master the technique of squats, planks and push-ups, but also to develop your physical, muscular and cardio abilities. FizzUp bodybuilding programs include many body weight exercises such as Burpee exercises.


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