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Benefits of Pilates for the body

 Benefits of Pilates for the body

The benefits of Pilates for the body are often underestimated and many misconceptions make life difficult for this discipline.

"Pilates is relaxing, it's for women, it's spiritual" or "You have to be flexible to do Pilates." No, no, no. These are all ideas just received and FizzUp explains how Pilates will help you in your exercise routine.

Pilates Benefits

The benefits of Pilates are many. Pilates is not allowed for women or young mothers to resume an activity without effect after childbirth. This practice can be very intense and can be practiced by anyone. In fact, it is available to everyone, beginner or advanced, man or woman, who already plays sports or does not exercise at all. This is what makes it the number one feature.

Pilates Benefits #1: Reduce stress

Pilates helps reduce stress because it is a physical activity that requires your mind and mind to focus on the work of your body. It is not a spiritual system, but the brain must be in contact, in awareness of your body's movements. This allows you to focus your attention on the present moment, to focus and calm the mind. Your brain also doesn't need to constantly seek it but focus on an action. This aspect reduces stress because you have been able to calm your mind by associating it with the present moment.

Pilates Benefits #2: Improve your posture

Pilates exercises are ideal for improving your posture: back straight, chest out, head are only the results of standing exercises. Gone are the shoulders drooping forward, the upper body drooping on the chair or couch, or even the neck flapping forward.

If you suffer from neck, back, shoulder or sciatica problems, Pilates is the perfect solution for you! Establish an anti back pain routine to erase all these daily ailments. Physical activity combats these pains, but the back (back) part of the body is often neglected in many disciplines in favor of the front (abdominal, chest, and thigh muscles). This defect causes pain. Act now to offer relief exercises.

Pilates Benefits #3: Tone your perineum

The perineum is certainly an invisible muscle, but it is no less important to your health. It is part of the group of muscles that make up the pelvic floor and allow you to suppress the urge to urinate or defecate. Strengthening your perineum means ensuring a hassle-free daily life (no more urine leakage when you laugh or sneeze!).

Pilates enables you to tone all the muscles in your body and be aware of this pelvic muscle chain. In fact, Pilates exercises improve your body awareness thanks to breathing techniques, focus, and accuracy. All movements are done slowly and consciously to learn stability, self-control and work fluidly. Zero shock, zero stress, this gentle activity can be very intense. Work in control and slowly increases the intensity of the exercise tenfold.

In short, Pilates is perfect for strengthening all of your deep muscles and stimulating the perineum area (and know that the perineum doesn't have sex, men do too).

Pilates Benefits #4: Pilates reduces the risk of injury

Pilates allows you to develop all the physical qualities such as strength, flexibility, balance and movement that are essential for you to feel satisfied on a daily basis and be effective in your practices. Pilates is a complement to all other activities and will only benefit the efficiency of your movements.

This gentle activity is complete and will enhance your work in a way that complements and respects your daily life without increasing the amount of training. Sometimes it will be useful to replace a cardio session with a Pilates session. think about it!

What's interesting is that you can also do Pilates as part of your post-traumatic rehabilitation, as opposed to an injury.

Train with Pilates

Pilates training is available at any level. Beginner or advanced, many programs are available. The FizzUp Pilates Program was designed by Stéphanie, a FizzUp Certified Athletic Trainer.

9 sessions make up this programme, addressing specific topics such as back movement, abdominal or gluteal muscles (or even in Pilates you can target areas of the body!), the front or back chain and balance.

Stéphanie accompanies you for 3 weeks at a rate of 3 sessions per week (adjustable according to your schedule). Each session lasts 20-25 minutes, perfect to fit into a busy schedule.

You learn how to engage deep muscles by latching on and breathing with awareness and control. Amazing results guaranteed!

Pilates improves your core and posture on a daily basis (ideal for combating musculoskeletal disorders for example), prevents injuries, gains flexibility and mobility, improves your strength and strengthens your pelvic floor, and relieves chronic pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

In short, Pilates is perfect and FizzUp Pilates meets all the conditions for quality sessions (effective and short!)

Strengthening the perineum area

The "invisible" muscles such as the transverse or perineal should also be worked because they are often undercut during sports activities due to downward pressure or the abdomen protruding from the abdomen. Pilates allows you to move consciously, feeling all areas of your body and touching the deep muscles. But these muscles are back in the center of attention thanks to Pilates!

Exercises such as squats, abdominal squats, or jumps are often poorly performed because athletes are not aware of the pressure exerted on the pelvic floor during these exercises. All of these movements should be performed by shrinking the perineum area first before the effort begins. Contraction of the perineum means pressure on it, such as the urge to restrain urination or a bowel movement. It is often difficult to visualize this area of ​​the body and what exercises to do (help a drawbridge for postpartum rehabilitation!).

This is why there are tools that make it easy to target. The perineal Amy Probe allows Fizimed to simply contract the perineal muscles in a fun way. Emy is a sensor connected to a smartphone app that offers you different training programs in the form of perineal games. You launch a rocket, spin a ferris wheel, catch ducks...and all of that, just with the power of your kneader! Thanks to biofeedback

 technology, the probe detects your contractions and sends the signal back to the app. This allows you to see your contractions in real time on your smartphone and get visual feedback on the movements of the perineum. The probe is suitable for all shapes and very easy to use, just follow the shrinkage indicators displayed on the screen.

This medical device has already proven itself as effective since 3 weeks and 96% of users are satisfied with it from the first use.

In addition to staying healthy to avoid urine leakage or organ descent, it is also beneficial to strengthen your perineum area to improve sexual pleasure. In fact, toning the perineum increases the sensations during intercourse at any age! And since it's never too late to get started, you can take advantage of the 40 € discount on the purchase of Emy probe thanks to the code FIZZUP40.

From now on, exercise with a clear conscience and peace of mind without risking weakening your body and especially the perineum!


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