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Basic stability trail for a cyclist with MYCYCLING ACCESSORIES

 Basic stability trail for a cyclist with MYCYCLING ACCESSORIES

MYCLYCLING, Technogym's "Smart Training System", is a training system designed to give cyclists the ultimate training experience. Whatever the weather, time and place a cyclist chooses to ride his bike, just plug in MYCYCLING and go.


Logically, bike use, on the road outdoors and/or with the smart coach indoors, is an essential part of an individual's training cycle.

On the other hand, in order to be able to give the best part of one's performance on the road or on pulleys, it is essential that you train, with specific exercises, to stabilize the "core", that area of ​​the human body which - if worked properly - is essential for controlling the Bicycle, to give a better boost to the pedals and to avoid pelvic injuries, such as back pain or back pain as well as knee diseases.

the key ? basic stability

Thus, basic stability exercises lay the foundation for developing the best possible pedaling. To train the core we can distinguish between two training phases:

1. At first we focus on activation and training by isolating core muscles

2. In the second it is necessary to activate the essence correctly in the implementation of movements during daily life and during sports.

Typical cardio exercises are those that involve complex movements using the arms and legs, as well as exercises in unstable balance conditions. All poses that require activation to maintain spinal alignment, remarkably call upon our powerful core muscles.

This last group includes basic exercises, called "bridges" (plank and bridge, in English). These are static exercises, or exercises that involve minimal movement, aimed at developing core strength and resistance.

Exercises that are performed in unstable conditions, however, expect the use of appropriate balls, foam rollers, etc. It is based on the fact that to maintain and restore balance, the heart must work in a coordinated and continuous manner. So it is an act of resistance and coordination, as well as strength.


Inside the MYCYCLING app you can find a section dedicated to exercises for basic flexibility training, which must be practiced in practice before starting the training. To give customers the opportunity to reproduce the exercises in the application as closely as possible, a new training set has been included.

With the addition of this accessory set, MYCYCLING has become the ultimate solution for a 360-degree developed training experience: an integrated system in constant evolution that creates the best possible indoor training experience for the cyclist. Thanks to the unique elements that compose it (Technogym smart trainer, customized MyCelling app, available Technogym trainers and training programs developed by professional trainers), any cyclist, professional or amateur at any level of preparation, can find the most suitable workout for their requirements and thus improve Results.

The kit, offered for purchase only as a package and not in separate parts, includes:

1. Foam roller, a roller specially used for upper part flexibility training

2. Training Wellness Ball, an innovative ball that allows to perform an infinite number of different exercises ranging from toning to muscle tone and relaxation. The wellness ball is comfortable and safe, and the materials chosen, in fact, guarantee stability, grip and softness to the touch. Its spherical shape helps improve stability and, by training all muscle groups, improves posture and body strength.

3. Water polo, a ball with smaller dimensions of wellness exercises that allows strength exercises by utilizing the weight of the water contained within. It can be used with other equipment in the toolkit for training that focuses on different areas of the body.


Always attentive to the completeness of the training experience, Technogym has launched a new range of products to be used in synergy with an area of ​​the MYCYCLING app entirely dedicated to basic stability training, for cyclists using MYCYCLING as a smart trainer.

To integrate your training experience in the best possible way, a series of floor exercises are available in the app, which improve flexibility, balance and muscle relaxation, making pedaling more efficient.

The ideal indoor cyclist training consists not only of various smart training sessions, but also a series of floor exercises that improve core stability.

Types of exercises

In the MYCYCLING app there are exercises, performed by a Technogym instructor, to be combined with training with MYCYCLING; To find them, all you have to do is go to your personal space and tap on the "Core Stability" sound. Inside, the exercises are broken down by type of training: body, strength, stability, balance and flexibility. Here we have selected some of the exercises in the app that require the use of the Technogym toolkit.

bird dog

The Bird Dog is a body exercise that helps the body stabilize the lumbar vertebrae during these movements that involve both the upper and lower body. This exercise strengthens the response to the efforts of the core muscular system, while helping to improve the alignment of the spine and hips, and provides stability to the shoulders.

Autonomic myofascial release

This exercise aims to reduce tension, and through the pressure exerted by the foam roller, it reduces the tension of the local muscle fascia. Moreover, its use helps increase flexibility, short-term athletic performance, and reduce muscle sensitivity after exercise.

Web with water polo technology. The same rotation with the torso is executable on a wellness training ball.

Rotation of the torso in the glute bridge on the ball

The Glute Bridge is one of the pelvic lengthening movements that activates the buttock muscles, and also intervenes to prevent back pain. This exercise is proposed in conjunction with pelvic twists, accompanied by the water polo technique. The same rotation with the torso is executable on a wellness training ball.

Russian evolution on the ball

The Russian twist can be practiced using both light weight and body weight. This type of exercise aims to strengthen the muscles without putting the back at risk. The twisting movement is the key to the exercise, and thanks to the weight of the ball, by controlling its movement from side to side, we train the entire abdominal wall with special attention to the oblique limbs. By placing the ball at the base, we also aim to train balance and flexibility by contributing to the positioning of the core muscles.


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