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Athletic training: what are the real benefits?

 Athletic training: what are the real benefits?

The importance of training in your sports practice

At home, outdoors, indoors or online, personal training is a practice that is becoming more and more democratic with all athletes. Whether you want to get back in shape, lose size, build muscle, or simply improve your progress while benefiting from the full attention of a professional, there are many reasons why sports enthusiasts choose this type of 'accompaniment'. But what are the real benefits of athletic training? In this article, we will briefly review the definition of sports training before sharing 7 good reasons to incorporate training into your sports practice.

Sports coach, sports coach, what is it?

Athletic training is the accompaniment of a person by a professional in the professions of sports and fitness. Based on a careful analysis of his profile, the role of a personal sports coach is to guide, supervise and follow him in order to improve his athletic and mental abilities.

With uninterrupted support but also able to push him to his limits, the physical trainer keeps him motivated on a daily basis and thus helps him achieve his goals, whatever his level of exercise.

We can benefit both at home, in the gym and outdoors if we need a physical presence to stay regular in our workouts. It is also possible to use online sports training and take advantage of specially designed programs without geographical restrictions.

Incorporating aerobic training into your exercise routine: What are the benefits?

Personal support, tailored training sessions or flexible working hours, discover 7 benefits of sports training with Fizzup:

1- You can access specially designed sessions for a better physical condition

When we exercise at home independently, we often have the same reaction: browsing the web and social networks in search of fun gym sessions. The problem with these sessions is that they are often intended for the largest number, and therefore are not relevant to you, your profile, your level of practice, and your goals.

The coach knows how to choose the exercises you need to create a tailor-made program thanks to personal pre-diagnosis. One of the great strengths of this online training app is the customization of sessions. This allows you to train calmly and progress in complete safety.

2- Benefit from modified training protocols

It's not always easy to balance effort and recovery independently to improve the effectiveness of your sessions over time. With the trainer, more is approximated about the number of repetitions and the effort and rest time. The use of training makes it possible to benefit from exercises based on modified training protocols. All our programs are developed in collaboration with state-certified trainers.

3- Your motivation increases tenfold with the coach

While lonely, it can sometimes be hard to find the motivation to follow a regular exercise routine, an athletic trainer knows how to motivate you, give you self-confidence, and help you achieve your goals. How ? By reminding you of upcoming workouts, by setting up fun sessions that allow you to enjoy your practice or by being present to reinforce you at every stage of the session.

In short, you feel happy, you feel supported and you no longer want to give up. FizzUp is based on online training, and our programs are designed to take advantage of all of these benefits. And as a bonus, our coaches accompany you on the go through all your sessions.

4- Show more progress thanks to training

Optimum progression is another undeniable benefit of athletic training. Whether you want to lose a few kilos, get back in shape or sculpt your body. As a beneficiary, when a professional follows you, you can interact with your certified trainer so they can tailor your sessions to your desires, progress and goals. Specifically, nothing is fixed on FizzUp. The key is more efficiency in your practice and in your progress. At each end of the program, you get a progress report that shows you the fruits of the work done.

5- You can save time (and energy) with exercise

With sessions scheduling and organizing in advance, you won't waste time organizing your workouts. You are freeing up space in your mind. You just have to let yourself be guided by your guide. And if you have any doubt or the slightest question, you can count on the response of the FizzUp team.

6- Your coach adapts to your schedule

No need to get up at 6 am to take a pumping class. No need to choose between a hairdresser and a Pilates class. With FizzUp, your coach adapts to your schedule. consequences ? Sports are no longer a constraint and are still a real pleasure on a daily basis.

7- You can speed up your results with a nutrition program

An athletic trainer is not a nutritionist. Even if he often has very good concepts in terms of nutrition compatible with exercise. On the other hand, a good professional surrounds himself with a nutritionist. He offers full support to his coaches to achieve maximum results.

With that in mind, we created Fizzup Nutrition in collaboration with a Nutritionist, Head Chef, and Triple Trainer. It is a unique delivery system for fresh, healthy and sporty meals customized according to your goal (slimming, balance, muscle).

In short, by incorporating training into your practice, you benefit from:

  • personal sessions
  • modified training protocols;
  • gains in daily motivation;
  • Better progress
  • save time (and energy);
  • an agenda that can be adapted to the pace of your life;
  • Comprehensive support to achieve your goals;


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