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Are you getting a good sleep?

 Are you getting a good sleep?

1 in 3 French people suffer from sleep disorders. It's time to sleep peacefully and take the initiative in the face of this troubling remark. FizzUp tells you all about sleep and how to improve it with a complete chronological checklist.

What is good sleep?

A good night's sleep can vary from person to person. Whether you spend more time in the evening or in the morning, listen to your own chronological pattern. In fact, it is better to look at the number of your sleep cycles (in a slice of about an hour and a half) than to limit yourself to a time that may not be your bedtime, the whole thing is to be regular at your own pace.

Good sleep is also sleep that should be sufficient in quantity. An adult should sleep an average of 7-9 hours (athletes are at 10 in the morning!). You should close your eyes all the time without interruption.

To feel comfortable in the morning, your sleep should be of sufficient duration and quality. Start by asking yourself two questions:

Do I always get between 7 and 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep? (eyes closed)

When I wake up, do I feel good/energy?

If not, remember that sleep is an essential component of a healthy rhythm of life and appropriate for longevity. These components can be summarized into four main pillars:

  • Do regular physical activity
  • Cover your daily nutritional needs with high quality foods
  • Maintaining social ties with peers
  • Pay attention to your recovery, mainly thanks to sleep

The effect of sleep on your health

Sleep is the real capital of good mental and physical health, a true vital need of the body. Good sleep habits help support many biological processes, such as:


mental health and cognitive performance (sleep has a real brain purifying effect);

The proper functioning of the metabolism.

Improving hormonal levels (testosterone, growth hormone, cortisol, etc.);

Recovery of the whole organism (nervous, muscular, cardiovascular, hormonal, articular).

Lack of sleep can lead to suboptimal processes or even dysfunction, such as:

increased fat gain and muscle mass loss;

If you are on a diet, then less weight loss with an unfavorable fat / muscle ratio);

impaired cognitive function, difficulty learning and memorizing;

Increased risk of diabetes.

effect on hormone levels such as decreased testosterone levels;

You have a reduced feeling of satiety, which often leads to excess calories and therefore weight gain;

affects cardiovascular health and mental health (promotes depression) and leads to an increased risk of death;

Poor recovery greatly increases your risk of injury.

Getting enough sleep with good quality sleep is not only a necessity for health, but it helps you perform better mentally, physically and sexually and makes you happier! Don't miss simple things to improve your nights!

Good night is prepared as soon as you wake up!

You do not know where to start? What are you doing concretely? FizzUp brings you top tips to improve your sleep and truly change your life with a complete action plan. Follow the guide!


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