6 reasons to go to the gym during the summer

 6 reasons to go to the gym during the summer

Forget everything you are told about the "summer body". There, it is said. If this is a controversial statement, so be it. Your body and your body all year round.

However, the summer period and the summer heat open up possibilities for all kinds of activities. Speaking of swimming, hiking, sailing, being outdoors… summer brings plenty of opportunities to exercise in nature (and we love that), but there are also plenty of reasons to go to your gym during the summer.

6 reasons to go to the gym this summer

1 - All functional fitness equipment in one place

There is nothing like a dedicated gym to provide everything you need to enjoy a functional fitness workout, all under one roof. The EVO Training Zones are designed for progressive, fun targeted cardio and strength training, with state-of-the-art equipment like Kinesis walls, Tomahawk spinning bikes, and Woodway treadmills.

2- Gym members are generally more active

A study published in the journal Plos One found that fitness club members were 14 times more physically active than non-club members. Members exercised an extra six hours a week (on average), had a lower heart rate, a smaller waist circumference, and improved cardiovascular fitness. Even if you mix gym days with outdoor training, a club membership will make you more likely to exercise.

3- Track and prevent injuries

In addition to taking advantage of dedicated exercise spaces and first-class fitness equipment, going to the gym in the summer can help you stave off injuries. EVO provides a unique space where you can restore and enhance your body's natural movements. All this in a more controlled environment, which helps make your body more flexible and less prone to injury.

4 - Personal Training

It is not easy to create and stick to your own training programs. Sometimes it can be tempting to skip your workout and replace it with a walk in the park or meeting friends for coffee, especially during the summer. However, if you've ever worked with a personal trainer, you know that suddenly jumping up isn't an option anymore. The coach motivates you by creating customized and effective training programs to meet and even exceed your personal goals. Moreover, canceling a session with your personal trainer is more difficult than canceling a session with your personal trainer. The appearance of disappointment from your coach is one that is hard to bear, and it is much more difficult than any training session.

5 - Fresh air and fewer people

It's great to meet new people at your fitness club, but sometimes you just want to do what you want. This is what makes gyms so great in the summer! They are often quieter in the warmer months, which you can use to your advantage. And let's not forget that sweet summer savior, air conditioning! Lorsque le temps chaud vous invite à passer la journée à l'horizontale, à manger des glaces et à boire de la bière, l'atmosphère calme et rafraîchissante d'une salle de sport EVO est juste le tonique pour estret voet In the form of.

6 - You'll be better off

While it's true that you don't build your summer body in the summer, it's also true that working out before going to the pool party is great for flaunting a more toned body. And most importantly, it will make you feel good. You know the song, exercise releases endorphins. These hormones evoke a positive feeling in the body, making you feel happy and energetic.

Summer is the perfect time to play tennis or jump in the outdoor pool. It is great for fitness and general health. Fitness club for functional training sessions, with expert equipment and air conditioners? It is invaluable.


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