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6 fat loss exercise myths

 6 fat loss exercise myths

There are many misconceptions about the best ways to exercise for fat loss. Below we'll demystify some common beliefs and ones you can find as a professional coach.

With training you can reduce the fat in the localized areas

Reducing fat in the abdomen or thighs, for example, is impossible. The concept of targeted fat loss or reduction follows the misconception that training a specific muscle or muscle group will result in fat loss in that area of ​​the body. There's no better way to explain why spot reduction is a myth than by telling you that the only thing exercise really targets is muscle, not the fat that covers those muscles.

So how do you lose that fat from the exact place you want to lose it from? basic. You need to lose body fat in general. How? Create a calorie deficit through diet, exercise, or better yet, a combination of both.

The best way to lose fat is to do lots of cardio

If your goal is fat loss, going to town on the treadmill for hours isn't the best way to achieve it. Yes, traditional cardio exercises will help you increase your calorie deficit (in addition to following a healthy diet), which is essential for fat loss. But the most effective way to burn fat, increase metabolism and improve body composition is to build muscle.

What is the best way to build muscle? Strength training! Gaining more muscle mass helps your body burn more calories while at rest. Therefore, the most effective fat loss program will include a combination of strength training, cardio exercises and a proper nutrition strategy.

Strength training makes women more masculine

Many women are afraid to lift weights because they are afraid of becoming overgrown, and by this they generally indicate a significant gain of muscle mass. It is very difficult for women to go about a normal strength training routine because they do not have as much testosterone as men. Strength training is actually the most effective way to build muscle and lose fat. It is possible that women who have a lot of muscle have worked hard for a long period of time.

Sweating a lot during training burns more fat

Your body generates sweat to cool you down when your body temperature rises. The amount of sweat depends on how many sweat glands you have (more glands means more sweat). Women tend to have more sweat glands than men, but men's glands are more active, so they sweat more. The amount of sweat also depends on how hot it is, the intensity of your exercise, and the clothes you're wearing.

The weight we lose through perspiration is rehydrated once it is rehydrated. So don't use the amount of sweat you sweat as an indicator of how many calories you've burned; Worry about the duration and intensity of training.

For better fat loss, less weight and more reps

Many believe that doing more reps with a lighter weight burns more fat and strengthens muscle, while doing fewer reps with a heavier weight builds muscle.

The first thing to keep in mind is that when you want to lose body fat, your diet will determine it in the first place. This means that you need to be in a calorie deficit. Therefore, the only way higher reps will allow you to lose fat is if you burn more calories than you consume.

To stimulate your muscles in the most effective way, you need to give them a variety of stimuli during training, which means varying repetitions, size, frequency, different lifting techniques, etc. The focus of your training should always be to lift more weights because in order to grow you have to gradually overload your muscles, that is, demand more of your muscles over time.

Therefore, the best way to lose fat is to lift challenging weights using a variety of reps ranges and loads while in a calorie deficit.

Fasting heart burns more fat

Did you get out of bed and reluctantly do cardio in the morning half-asleep because you were told it burns more fat? You're lucky, you don't have to do it like that anymore.

What works most is diet, not if you exercise on an empty stomach. You can eat before your cardio or after, as long as you're in a calorie deficit!

Do you want to get the best results in the most effective and efficient way? So don't fall into these traps and put yourself in the hands of a professional trainer and/or nutritionist!


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