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5 keys to training in the summer

 5 keys to training in the summer

Summer has begun and the contestants are preparing to face it with as much certainty as possible. It is a fact that training in the summer is different from running at other times of the year, where the outside temperature plays a very important role. Many runners choose to modify their activity and skip running on hot days, but if you plan to train during the summer, it's important to follow the tips below. So take your running shoes, because we'll tell you how to train in the summer without risk.

Don't let summer stop you from getting out and running

Pay attention to the distances

As temperatures rise, the physical wear and tear during running exercise is much greater. As a result, your body will react differently and you will likely do much worse. This is why it is advisable to be very careful when deciding on the distance and pace of your training session. Running 10 km in summer is different from winter. Likewise, you have to be very careful with your pace, because the physical wear and tear will be much greater as the speed of each step increases.

Stay hydrated throughout your workout

Of the five tips, this is perhaps the most important, as it relates to the health and physical well-being of the runner. We already know that physical activity causes a significant loss of fluid, which is known as dehydration. In hot weather, this phenomenon occurs earlier and more prominently. That's why we always advise you to moisturize more than usual when training in the summer.

Choose lighter and cooler clothes

If you are going to run in the summer, always choose cool and light clothing. Fortunately, operating brands have covered this issue well. Clothing is becoming more and more technical, with more advanced fabrics and technologies that allow a runner to feel light and cool. The best running brands offer shirts, shorts, and leggings with breathable technologies, which allow sweat to be removed more quickly. In addition, these technical fabrics allow the skin to breathe more efficiently.

These ventilation technologies can also be found in women's and men's running shoes. It is also recommended to choose shoes that are not heavy and made of fabrics and meshes that allow air to circulate.

Avoid running when the sun is at its zenith

One of the most important tips is to avoid running when the temperatures are at its hottest. The best time to exercise in summer is in the early morning, because the sun's rays are less strong and the temperature is lower. But if you don't have a free morning, going for a run in the late afternoon or evening might be a great option, too. At these times, UV rays and temperature do not endanger the runner.

Use cap, sunglasses and sunscreen

If it is not possible for you to run during the recommended hours and you can only train when the sun is at its zenith, here is a tip to keep in mind: protect yourself from the sun at all costs. By this we mean wearing hats, sun masks, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Thanks to these accessories, the runner can create an effective barrier between ultraviolet rays and his body, thus training in the summer with complete safety.


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