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5 good reasons to use a treadmill

 5 good reasons to use a treadmill

Are you a runner? These essential devices can also be accessed for any gym at home. Thus, there is no need to go out, the device is available to you 24 hours a day.

Seductive, isn't it? Apart from the fact that the treadmill easily replaces an outdoor jogging session, it has many other advantages. The benefits of running on a treadmill are multiple: For your body, for your training, and for your mind, no aspect is overlooked.

Let's take a quick tour of all these good reasons for getting into a treadmill. If we decide to reveal 5 of them to you, it is so that you can take on the challenge of finding all the others and believing us, you will discover them every day!

burn calories

 The number of calories you lose depends on the intensity and duration of your activity. This also applies to the treadmill. However, running is one of the sports that burns the most calories, usually an average of 700-1,000 calories per hour.

Variables such as your weight, height, speed, duration, and tilt will make a difference. To improve your session, we advise you to alternate between intense activity and moments of recovery. This is done at a slow pace, even in the case of a brisk walk.

The benefits of walking on a treadmill can no longer be demonstrated: you can run and walk, and you'll burn calories anyway. The secret is regularity, better 3 30 minute sessions a week than a 2 hour session once every 15 days. Feel free to change activities: running, walking, interval training, side steps or knee stretches are just a few examples.

There are many other things that your devices will suggest to you through the different programs available to you.

Improve your muscle strength

Your muscles are the motor for all of your movements, the more toned, the more they allow you to maintain good posture. Running, like walking on a treadmill, puts a lot of stress on the muscles in your legs.

In particular, you develop the quadriceps muscles located in the front of the thigh, and they mainly work when your leg is extended. The hamstrings are the muscle group in the back of the thigh.

They are necessary to bend the knee and extend the thigh. Your buttocks and calf muscles also come into play and even more so if you choose to walk or run on an inclined treadmill.

The rocking motion of your arms and shoulders will strengthen the muscles in your upper body, as well as your abdominal and back muscles. Don't underestimate their work. In addition to ensuring good balance, the correct position of the arms will greatly affect your stride and breathing.

Cardiovascular health

In fact, the most stressful muscle when running on a treadmill is your core. Subject to regular endurance and intense work, you improve your tone of voice and breathing at the same time.

The treadmill is especially effective for aerobic work (that is, your ability to maintain physical activity for an extended period of time, without suffocating yourself). It will be your best ally to regulate your heart rate, since the treadmill forces you to maintain a steady pace when running outdoors, for example, especially on rocky terrain or on a forest path.

Let us not forget that a harmonious heart is better protected against cardiovascular accidents, high blood pressure, diabetes, excess cholesterol, and other diseases whose frequent recurrence is best avoided. The icing on the cake gives you the optimum level of energy and stamina. Learn about the benefits of brisk walking on a treadmill (or running).

Are you still hesitating? Accept the challenge: 4 weeks of 30-minute workouts every day!

stress reduction

Let's talk mental! Sport allows to release anger, troubles and worries. We know, having tried them ourselves, that many solutions to supposedly intractable problems appear like miracles on a treadmill.

Every workout is time to dedicate to yourself, your body and your mind. Of course, the famous endorphins are not there for nothing. But one thing is for sure, after your workout, you will undoubtedly feel better, ready to defy the vicissitudes of the day and more dedicated to your work, if you are a morning person.

In the evening, you will let go of worries, find the energy wasted during the day, and ready for a calm and peaceful night to face the challenges of the next day.

There is no limit to the weather

Even being a running fan, when it's raining or it's cold, we all have that little inner voice whispering in our ear: "Come on, it doesn't matter, you're going tomorrow." The problem is that she never arrives on her own and it brings with her an unpleasant sense of guilt.

Sometimes it's a real battle against yourself to put on your sneakers to go jogging in the rain.

The treadmill can free you from this inner duality. If, at first, it is just a matter of finding an alternative when the weather is not very attractive, then due to use, this device can quickly find its place in your everyday life and prove to be necessary.


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