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5 Beginner Runners Mistakes

 5 Beginner Runners Mistakes

What are the five mistakes of beginner runners?

When a person decides to run for the first time, they do so without knowing their needs and limitations. Before starting this sport, it is important to have good basic tips for good running training without putting your body at risk. There are many mistakes we make when we start this discipline, and that is normal. That's why we're doing this article today. We want to shed light on this dark spot, and these five mistakes that novice runners make that we rarely notice at first.

Intensive training

Overtraining, or going too hard for our limits is one of the most common beginner mistakes, but it's still found in some regular runners. When we start running, we are very motivated, and many want to go on for days without giving themselves any time to recover or rest. However, this resting phase is very important to help you progress efficiently, without injury and to keep your training going for longer. Before you start running, it is advisable to implement a training program and plan your races with your recovery times.

Becoming an experienced runner takes time. It is important to start slowly and at a moderate pace. In fact, starting at a very vigorous running pace, running every day puts a lot of effort on your body and can have a negative effect. In addition, novice runners do not know their limits very well. This is a problem that can cause them to become infected faster. Never forget that running is an exercise that puts more stress on your muscles, ligaments and joints. Rest is essential.

ignoring the pain

The second biggest 5 mistakes beginner runners make is not listening to their bodies. We runners often test the limits of our bodies. It is true that in order to achieve goals and improve ourselves we have to break down physical and mental barriers, but it is also true that we cannot ignore our health. For this, we must know how to listen to the signals that our bodies send to us. Ignoring the pain can be counterproductive and lead to more serious problems. Sometimes it is better to slow down than to have to give up after a while due to force majeure.

Do not warm or stretch it

Arguably one of the most common mistakes runners make, not warming up before a workout. Preparing your body for running is very simple and only takes a few minutes, but it is very important. You should warm up your muscles before you start running and stretch after you finish your workout.

But then, what is the most effective warm-up? The best thing is to do gentle, slow motions so that your muscles and joints begin to speed up their pace. Also, it will be easy to walk for a few minutes before running, this way you allow your body to prepare for the exercise. Remember that not warming up properly is one of the main causes of injury.

Always practice in reality

One of the keys to success as a good runner is to diversify your training sessions. Doing the same exercise is always one of the typical mistakes of beginners. Repeating the cycle, always running on the same floor and at the same speed can get bored, and make you lose motivation.

In addition to diversifying your running training, it is also recommended to combine it with other sports such as paddock or fitness for better results.

Use the wrong shoes

Running in ill-fitting shoes can be dangerous for you. It is important to have good running shoes that are designed to cushion the impact of your feet on the ground, while providing good grip so that your foot does not move in the shoe. Depending on the terrain you'll be running on, your shoes should have a fairly firm outsole, have a specific traction system and a good ability to let your feet breathe.

Choosing a running shoe also depends on your weight and the type of support you have. If you want to learn more about the type of shoes out there or discover the best advice for choosing your own running shoe, be sure to visit our website. You will find the best brands of running shoes, and our sports consultants are at your disposal to answer all your questions.

5 Beginner Runner Mistakes: Conclusions

These five mistakes are very common among beginner runners, but they are also easy to find among intermediate runners. Remember that there are still other mistakes to avoid. The important thing is to know that the only way to improve is to be patient, practice for the long term, and stay motivated to share your experiences with other runners. We hope that this post will be useful to you in your practice of this wonderful sport, and help you to stop repeating the mistakes of the five runners.


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