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3 tips for getting back to the gym after vacation

 3 tips for getting back to the gym after vacation

Getting away from it all, daily stress, work, traffic jams, it all sounds perfect. Ice cream around the pool, al fresco dining, and food and drink are all part of the experience. The last thing you should feel is guilt about having fun on vacation.

But, if you come back from your travels and feel heavy and unmotivated (it does happen), there are plenty of ways to work your way into a healthier routine. In fact, September is actually the best month for that. So, here are my top tips for getting back on track and back to the gym after vacation, quickly and painlessly.

Back to the gym after vacation

1 - Planning for the future

Sometimes fitness seems so inaccessible after the holidays that we don't even know where to start. Well, start making a plan. Write a list of your fitness, health, or performance goals and what you want to achieve by returning to the gym. There are plenty of apps that help you stick to your plans along the way that can help you. Or just join EVO: the latest equipment and the EVO app may be the only motivation.

2- Resume proper nutrition

Getting away from your usual routine and environment can make it easier to eat "bad" foods. Especially at the airport. Beer and bread at 4:30 p.m.? Anything goes. Of course, this means that we often consume more fats, carbohydrates, salt, and sugar. So, even if you can't stand the thought of going to the gym, at least take the time to choose fresh, whole foods and prepare nutritious meals. Controlling what we eat often has a natural motivating effect on our physical activity.

3- Set a schedule to prepare your routine

If you get into vacation mode and the last thing you want to do is exercise, you'll need something stronger than mental affirmation to get to the gym. Setting a schedule can help you establish a routine that you stick to. There are several practical ways to make rescheduling more efficient:

Choose the time that suits you. Fortunately, EVO is open 365 days a year from 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. This leaves you with plenty of hours to choose from. Sticking to a set time will help you restart or establish a routine, and it is this consistency that will lead to better results.

Work with a personal trainer. Our personal trainers can help you create customized training programs tailored to your needs and goals. They will also take the stress out of planning and give you the best chance of success in fitness.

Looking for a training partner. You hear this over and over for a reason: Maintaining accountability is one of the best ways to make sure you actually come into the room in the first place (which can be the hardest part). Nobody wants to let down a friend. We suggest you find someone with similar goals and interests and make a pact to work together.


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