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3 common mistakes people make when they start exercising

 3 common mistakes people make when they start exercising

A successful fitness journey is more than just hours of training and clubbing: structured organization and mental preparation are as important as performance on dumbbells or on a treadmill.

Do this, not that, it's bad, you're wrong. The fitness industry is a mine of conflicting information and jargon. It encourages short-term heresies rather than tried and tested wisdom. If the budget is met and looks good, he is a seller. But asking yourself about fitness doesn't have to be overwhelming or overwhelming. If you follow the basics of healthy living, and know why you started and where to start, you can't go very wrong.

The fitness industry gets the pressure off but it proves to be great because the breadth of health and wellness fields is enormous. What does not work for one person may be the magic solution for another. In the case of innovation, it is better to start at a large scale and narrow the field little by little.

In the beginning, taking care to avoid 3 common mistakes will keep you on the right track:

The lack of an organized program

If you see a doctor without he or she looking at your notes, don't know who you are, or seem to know very little about how to get started, do you think he or she will guide you properly? It is unlikely that you will achieve the desired result.

The same goes for your first sessions at the club. In the beginning, you have the opportunity to make as much progress as possible in a short time, because it is completely new. But many gym-goers are free to move around using cardio equipment, and they don't have the courage to push the effort any further. Following a plan will make your sessions more efficient in terms of time and effort. This will ensure that what you work on every hour matches your goal and will bring more results to how you look and feel. Whatever your goal, the Technogym app can guide you and ensure that when you're at the gym, you know exactly how to optimize your day's session.

Doing too many tasks too quickly while stressing yourself out

It's a good investment, but beware of getting tired. Any well-planned training regimen takes recovery into account, and although this varies from individual to individual, it remains a key point.

He who wants to go far takes care of his mountain. The best possible advice is to give yourself time to achieve results: What's the point of rushing if you get tired or injured along the way? The lowest effective dose is the best for long-term success. Ask yourself what is the minimum investment to make the maximum profit. More than laziness, it is a guarantee of sustainability.

Aim for independence to stop asking for help

You just postponed your first session for a month despite paying the membership, which is frustrating. A study interviewed 2,000 adults and showed that 25% of them don't know what to do in the gym. Another 23% say they are embarrassed to use the equipment.

The club can be an intimidating place, but it's important to remember that the only difference between you and people who seem to know what they're doing is that they started before: everyone was a beginner at first. Like we said before, early days are the days of big breakouts so time spent not knowing what to do is wasted time. The best way to start is to find a friend whose session you can share. This allows you to experiment with the gym space, feel comfortable, and see how the equipment works.

Maximize your club's help offer, whether it's a free trial session, visit or lesson. Once you know what you're trying to achieve, it's time to find the right program to follow. Learn how to offer help, show curiosity by asking questions but also be skeptical by asking why, and you won't make any big mistakes. Know that you cannot have all the answers. When you left school for work life, you may not know anything about the job you do today, but you've asked questions and made mini promotions along the way. The same goes for your physical condition.


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