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3 Benefits of Woodway Treadmill

3 Benefits of Woodway Treadmill

The Woodway treadmill has replaced the traditional machine as a high-performance alternative. Designed to work with the way our bodies naturally move when you're running outdoors, they're fully supported by you.

1. Revitalize you

Traditional treadmills can strain the joints, hips, and ankles, and absorb a great deal of energy. Woodway deck consists of shock-absorbing laminates to cushion shock and prevent injury. This will give you more stamina to train more efficiently, especially on the slopes.

2. Less time on the device

According to its manufacturers, the Woodway treadmill burns calories faster. With a faster heart rate, Woodways increases your oxygen needs and burns more calories than aerobic exercise.

3. Running barefoot

Our feet, the most precious parts of the body that allow us to walk, run, jump, jog... are often imprisoned for years in cushioned, usually ill-fitting shoes. Walking barefoot allows for more natural movement, but traditional treadmills are awful for running without shoes.

You end up with blisters of rubber straps and hard static shocks. The Woodway treadmill replaces belts with slides that accommodate bare feet without getting burned.

We at EVO support natural movements barefoot, and our members can train without shoes if they wish. Try walking barefoot on the Woodway and read our barefoot exercise guide to learn about this movement.


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