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Zinc overdose - symptoms and consequences

 Zinc overdose - symptoms and consequences

The problem of zinc overdose is extremely rare, but it cannot be treated as something impossible. Excessive intake of this element, for example by consuming products with a large amount, can lead to the appearance of unfavorable symptoms. Are the consequences of this situation a serious health risk?

What symptoms indicate an overdose of zinc?

Many experts agree that an overdose of zinc from the daily diet is extremely rare. A significant portion of confirmed cases of this anomaly result from incompetent and excessive use of nutritional supplements. The result can be a case of food poisoning, the symptoms of which are:

  • annoying diarrhea
  • headache and dizziness,
  • noticeable loss of appetite,
  • stomach pain
  • Nausea and a tendency to vomit.

What are the consequences of a zinc overdose?

A single zinc overdose causes only short-term poisoning, which leads to temporary symptoms. The situation is more serious when a high content of this mineral is present in the body for a long time. One of the main consequences of taking large amounts of this element is poor proper absorption of other minerals, in particular phosphorous, copper, calcium and iron. An overdose of zinc has other equally dangerous consequences:

  • reduce the optimal concentration of harmful cholesterol,
  • increased risk of anemia (especially in the kidneys and liver),
  • The marked deterioration and deterioration in the body's immune response.

How to avoid an overdose of zinc?

It is possible to maintain an optimal zinc level thanks to a varied and balanced diet. The risk of overdose can, in fact, affect everyone - people who train for recreation, professional athletes, the elderly, physical and intellectual professions. It is worth reducing the risk of its symptoms and such serious consequences in advance.

Since a large number of zinc overdoses are caused by the use of supplements of poor quality or unknown source, it is worth choosing products with a high level and selected amount of active ingredients in the most optimal way. One such product is CynkoVir Immuno from Olimp Labs. These are exceptional emulsifiers that enrich the daily diet with easily

 absorbed forms of zinc (emulsifier of Albion Amino Acids and Diglycinates). For amateur and professional athletes, a good solution would be the Vita-Min Multi Sport supplement from the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand. For many years, this product has been repeatedly chosen by those who lead an active lifestyle, who want to take care of their daily diet in a

 holistic way. Moreover, in addition to vitamins and minerals, it has been supplemented with high-quality plant extracts. Both products are prepared according to the strictest standards of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories, using innovative technology, which guarantees the necessary safety during its use.


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