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Zinc deficiency - causes, symptoms and consequences

 Zinc deficiency - causes, symptoms and consequences

Zinc is one of the essential mineral components in the daily diet, and its deficiency can lead to serious consequences by disrupting the maintenance of optimal health. What could be the reason? What symptoms indicate such a condition and what should be done to neutralize the consequences?

What are the causes of zinc deficiency?

It is not hard to guess that a lack of a varied diet is one of the main causes of zinc deficiency. This element is mainly present in products of animal origin (fish, eggs, liver, shellfish, meat), and in slightly smaller quantities in mushrooms (such as oyster mushrooms, button mushrooms, shii-take), in some legumes, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds or tofu. Enriching your diet with the above-mentioned foods will greatly contribute to maintaining the optimal level of this element.

Zinc deficiency is also due to a number of other factors. Among the reasons for its deficiency in the diet, it is necessary to mention:

  • Consumption of large quantities of processed and high-sugar products, which promotes the breakdown of zinc,
  • the gradual aging process and the accompanying physiological decrease in zinc levels,
  • Excessive physical activity and insufficient hydration,
  • alcoholic,
  • digestive disturbances;

What are the symptoms of zinc deficiency?

The first signs that indicate zinc deficiency in the daily diet are excessive fragility of capillaries, hair loss, deterioration of the immune system and a noticeable decrease in appetite. The persistence of this condition and the lack of appropriate treatment will lead to the emergence of new symptoms, which can be even more disturbing. Among them we can cite the following:

  • young love,
  • decreased libido,
  • excessive sweating
  • increased craving for sweets,
  • moods that cause apathy,
  • deterioration of concentration and memory,
  • Increased prevalence of respiratory infections.

Consequences of Zinc Deficiency - Are Supplements a Good Choice?

Persistent long-term zinc deficiency can be dangerous with adverse consequences for healthy health. In some cases, a balanced and varied diet is not enough to increase the level of this element. In this case, it is worth choosing supplements that will allow you to quickly fill the deficiency.

A good solution is the product of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories CYNKoVir ™ Immuno. These are the must-absorption emulsifiers that make it possible to supplement the daily diet with an optimal dose of zinc in highly absorbable forms of Albion ® amino acid chelate and gluconate. Each lozenge contains up to 15mg of this ingredient,

 which can prove to be a valuable support on multiple levels, for example maintaining an optimal concentration of testosterone in the blood, protecting cells from oxidative stress and promoting the maintenance of adequate acid. Basic balance. The product is prepared in the modern laboratories of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories using innovative production technologies that guarantee the high quality of nutrients.


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