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Work out at work - try to work out at your desk!

 Work out at work - try to work out at your desk!

Stability is the domain of the present. Society spends most of its time in the office, which leads to a gradual deterioration in physical fitness and deterioration in daily functioning. Are there exercises that can be performed at work?

Health consequences of office work

Sitting for a long time is definitely not good for the muscular system. Usually, after the first two hours you spend in the office, the first discomforts begin to feel. Especially since the workplace in most cases does not fully meet the necessary standards for the so-called

 principles of ergonomics. The wrong desk height, a monitor that is too low, or a chair that is too soft or too stiff are some of the issues that can make it difficult to maintain the correct posture.

What are the most common consequences of prolonged sitting at a desk?

Headache and difficulty concentrating

Shoulders stretch with head extended forward

Weakening of the abdominal muscles by deepening the lumbar lordosis

Chest obstruction and respiratory failure

Pain in the spine (especially in the cervical and lumbar-sacral departments)

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main factors in the development of posture defects. Disorders manifested as back curvature or scoliosis are mainly the effect of prolonged sitting in the wrong position with deterioration of anatomical and functional ability. The development of muscular imbalances (ie, regular tension disturbances) causes the body to adjust over time, resulting in impaired daily functioning.

The best exercises at work - How to train in the office?

Although public awareness of healthy lifestyles has greatly improved in recent years, there is still resistance to incorporating recreational physical activity into the daily schedule. Excessive workload and the resulting fatigue can make it difficult to get regular exercise. However, when you work at a desk, you have to take care of your body!

To avoid excuses, it pays to make a decision to train ... on the job! In fact, performing a few simple activities consistently throughout the day activates "stable" muscle structures and joint connections, giving your body a boost. Here is a list of some simple exercises you can do at your desk!

  • Rotation of the head
  • Sit up, put your fingers up
  • Active finger extended upwards
  • Shoulder bone fusion with chest tightening
  • The torso is bent and deepened into an upright position

In addition to the above, a very good way is to simply get away from the office. A short walk in the room or in the next room is sure to allow your body to relax. It is also useful to take a short walk up the stairs - a visit to the upper or lower floor will have a good effect on the work of the joints.


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