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Women's protein. How do you choose them?

 Women's protein. How do you choose them?

Are protein supplements for men only? No way ! Protein for women is just as important and is a key component of your daily diet, which will allow you to work effectively on your existing muscle mass.

What sources of protein for women deserve our attention?

Physically active women should look for protein that is high in amino acids. De nombreux spécialistes soulignent unanimement que l'une des meilleures sources de protéines pour les femmes sera le lactosérum - sans doute la matière première la plus populaire dans les

 suppléments à haute teneur en protéines, de quile a étes aux many years ago. No wonder, because consuming high-quality whey does not cause digestion problems. In addition, it is well absorbed by the body and contains a wide variety of amino acids.

A convenient and delicious source of whey will prove to be a protein supplement that provides healthy protein in the form of a protein-rich shake. The 100% Whey Protein Complex from Olimp Sport Nutrition is a unique blend of whey concentrate and whey isolate, which, thanks to the different assimilation rate, allows for a uniform release of the

 existing amino acids and delivers the necessary nutritional values. The product is available in many interesting flavors, and its hassle-free solubility allows you to use this dietary supplement popular among active people not only for preparing protein shakes. The dietary supplement created in the modern laboratories of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories,

Proteins for women and their benefits

There is no doubt that proteins are one of the essential nutrients in the daily diet. Therefore, the presence of protein in a woman's diet is very important. First of all, proteins contribute to the maintenance and growth of existing muscle mass, which helps to maintain an athletic figure. In addition, protein has satiating properties that help reduce the feeling of excessive hunger and thus make it easier to work out the shape that you dream of.

It must be remembered that keeping the right amount of protein in a daily menu can help maintain healthy bones. We must add that whole-value proteins are a rich source of amino acids, such as BCAA or L-glutamine, which are one of the essential components of muscle tissue.

How many servings of protein are suitable for women?

The daily amount of protein for a woman should be selected individually. Age, body weight, current level of physical activity, type of training and discipline, are just some of the factors that can affect the daily protein content in the diet. However, women, like men, can assume that a protein intake of 1.8 to 2 g / kg of body weight will be sufficient for regular moderate-intensity exercise.


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