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Winter training - how to dress so as not to get infected?

 Winter training - how to dress so as not to get infected?

Exercising at lower temperatures isn't particularly fun. However, its beneficial effect on your overall health is a good reason to try winter training. How do you dress so that you do not get sick with physical activity in the winter?

How should you dress for winter training so as not to get infected?

Parents and grandparents have always said that the best way to prevent cold and negative temperatures is to wear several layers of clothing. The use of several layers that protect the body from the cold will allow you to maintain optimal thermal comfort, which will certainly

 not lead to infection and reduce the harmful effects of pathogenic microorganisms. While physical activity certainly increases body heat, and movement keeps you warm, it's better to be safe than sorry.


why ? During winter training, there is an increased risk of uncontrolled and imperceptible cooling of the body. Although physical exertion leads to an increase in body temperature, cold winds with sweaty clothing (and body) lead to a decrease in the above-mentioned heat. This, in turn, is one of the first steps towards a deterioration in the immune system, which over time can lead to a cold and the development of a more serious illness (such as angina or influenza).


However, it must be remembered that winter exercises have many valuable benefits for the body. Among these can be mentioned

  • Immunity booster
  • Improve the ability to breathe
  • Stimulating skin microcirculation

Beneficial effect on the regulation of the heart and blood circulation

How to wear suitable clothes for outdoor exercise at low temperature, which is good for your health? First, you have to choose professional training clothing designed for athletes. A good example of this is the clothing of the Olimp Live and Fight brand, which for many

 years has offered products recommended for amateur and professional athletes. At least 30 years of experience in the world market fully confirms the quality of the brand.

Olympic Live and Fight Sportswear - the perfect winter training outfit!

The latest Olympic Live and Fight clothing collection includes products designed with attention to every detail. The use of high-quality materials provides athletes with incredible comfort during winter training! The fabric adheres perfectly to the body, providing protection from the cold as well as good breathing conditions. In addition, it is very flexible, does not limit movement and allows full training.

It should also be noted that the high quality of the materials used do not cause skin irritation (such as abrasions or rashes) and also reduce sweat retention - thanks to this, athletes can carry out a plan with maximum comfort and enjoy the benefits of winter training!


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