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Winter physical activity - how do you prepare for it?

 Winter physical activity - how do you prepare for it?

Many people do not give up training in cold weather! For most sports enthusiasts, winter physical activity is the next step in working on their fitness and physical condition. However, it is worth making sure that your body is properly prepared for less comfortable weather conditions. How do I do it? What should be considered before starting outdoor training?

Winter physical activity: choose a fun sport

The basis for results in every sports discipline is a real commitment to training and a real sense of fun doing the exercises. Although physical exertion is closely related to fatigue, it cannot be considered a hard chore. That is why you should first choose outdoor training,

 which can be a real pleasure! Winter physical activity can be done in different ways: running, cycling or gymnastics, some team sports (such as soccer on artificial pitches), hiking in the mountains or walking in the neighborhood.

Winter physical activity: the right training clothes

When deciding to exercise in the winter, it must be borne in mind that the body is additionally exposed to the risk of hypothermia. Despite the fact that low temperature enhances the strengthening of natural immunity and many other beneficial effects (such as

 improving the physical condition, purifying the respiratory system or stimulating skin microcirculation), one should not forget about its important role in increasing the risk of infection. illness. Physical activity performed outdoors during winter aura can largely lead to infection, especially in the presence of an unsuitable organism.

That's why it's worth getting the professional training apparel offered by the Olympic Live and Fight brand. These garments have been manufactured with special attention to every detail, and above all from the highest quality materials. The durable fabric used in the production of training clothing is characterized by:

High level of air permeability, allowing the skin to breathe

High resistance to sweat build-up - the clothes are not soaked in water during training

Real flexibility, so that the clothing provides the necessary movement during exercise and great resistance to mechanical damage

Great comfort and no real risk of skin irritation, for example by reducing the formation of abrasions or rashes

Winter physical activity: take care of your immunity

Daily nutrition is the basis for maintaining optimal health. However, during winter physical exercise, special care must be taken to ensure a varied diet, which is a source of many active ingredients. This is why the Olimp Sport Nutrition product called Immuno Xplode Powder

 is a good choice. It is a complex of vitamins (C and D3), zinc, amino acids (L-cysteine ​​and L-glutamine) and plant extracts (elderberry and Japanese pagoda), enriching nutrients that promote the proper functioning of the immune system.


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