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Why is it worth doing yoga before a workout?

 Why is it worth doing yoga before a workout?

Warming up is a very important point in any training plan. Every athlete should devote enough time to it and start preparing their bodies for the upcoming effort accordingly. Is pre-workout yoga a good form of warm-up? What are the advantages?

Yoga before exercise: its benefits

Yoga training is unique. Single and dual personality yoga means that the exercises allow for an extraordinarily high level of physical involvement. Smooth, flexible movements along with calm, deep breathing effectively prepare the body for the actual exercise. Its effect on

 range of motion, flexibility of structures and general level of mobility will certainly help reduce the risk of injury. A thorough warm-up in the form of yoga exercises will be a valuable preparation, eg before an intense strength and endurance training session.

Yoga Before Workout: Essential Tips

No matter how long you practice yoga before training, it must be remembered that the exercises are subject to their own laws. Here is a list of the most important tips before you start doing pre-workout yoga:

Eat a solid meal (no later than 2 hours before your workout!), which will provide your body with the optimal amount of energy for a really hard work.

Use comfortable workout clothes that don't restrict movement and ensure maximum comfort during your workout - Olimp Live and Fight leggings, sports bras, and comfy short-sleeved or tied shirts will be perfect for this.

  • Don't forget the gym mat that will give you proper stability during your workout
  • Use a special yoga block that can be useful for some postures and exercises

Do you practice yoga before exercise exclusively for women?

Nothing could be further from the truth! The exercises used in yoga are intended for women and men. One of the most important principles of yoga is that there are no limits in terms of movement - and this applies not only to sex, but also to the level of progress, general physical condition or other practiced sports. Yoga is an activity for anyone who wants to help the body on many levels through movement.

Pre-workout yoga vs. daily diet

Considering yoga a non-exhaustive physical activity is extremely detrimental to the sport. Although yoga is done at a slow pace and with calm breathing, it involves muscles and joints in an amazing way. Yoga allows for a conscious exercise of the whole body, which is often felt even a few days after its completion. So it must be remembered that a daily diet

 can provide essential vitamins and minerals. It is also worth getting the Vita-Min Multi Sport Mega Caps supplement from Olimp Sport Nutrition - a complex of the most important minerals and vitamins, which has been enriched with ALA and plant extracts.


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