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Why does cold strike so often in winter?

 Why does cold strike so often in winter?

It has been known for some time that the risk of contracting the disease increases in the fall and winter. Frequent changes in weather conditions and temperatures during this period put stress on our bodies and immunity. Find out why colds happen so frequently in winter and how to adequately support your immunity.

Why do colds strike so often in winter? the reasons

Not without reason it is said that cold strikes more often in winter, and at this time of year the body's immune system must be supported. What are the direct causes of simple colds or various infections?

  • A decrease in the temperature leads to a cooling of the body
  • Clothes not suitable for the current weather conditions
  • Limited fluid intake, which can lead to multiple mineral deficiencies
  • A decrease in the number of days of sunlight leads to a deterioration in the natural synthesis of vitamin D3, which affects immunity.
  • A marked decrease in the amount of fruit consumed in the daily diet (especially citrus fruits rich in vitamin C)
  • Reduction in or complete abandonment of physical activity (eg in the case of outdoor sports)

A very good way to strengthen the body and make it exceptionally resistant to low temperatures is to exercise outdoors in the winter. Although not everyone can consider it a pleasant thing, bad weather conditions prove to be of great value in many ways, for example by strengthening immunity or improving respiratory capacity.

Why does cold strike so often in winter? symptoms

What are the most common cold symptoms? Although most people have similar symptoms, in practice any infection can be transmitted in slightly different ways. It all depends on the individual state of the immune system and its ability to cope with the attack of microorganisms. Typical signs of a cold are:

  1. fever,
  2. runny nose and sinus obstruction,
  3. pain or burning in the throat,
  4. chills and cold sweats problem,
  5. dizzy headache,

A clear feeling of weakness and decreased appetite

Don't underestimate the cold! These infections often lead to more serious problems, such as angina and influenza, which can "deprive" you of your daily life for a long time.

Why do colds strike so often in winter? Take care of your diet

It has been said for generations that a healthy, varied diet is the starting point for maintaining a healthy immune system. However, it must be remembered that the assimilation of nutrients contained in food is limited, and therefore it is worth enriching the

 diet with dietary supplements. Immuno Xplode powder from Olimp Sport Nutrition would be an ideal choice during the winter to support the immune system. The product is a blend of zinc, vitamins C and D as well as amino acids and plant extracts selected in perfect proportions. Made of high quality and safe materials, and subjected to microbiological purity analysis.

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