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Why cardio training should not be neglected

 Why cardio training should not be neglected

Do you train regularly in the gym, but go straight to weights by actually closing your eyes when you come across the treadmill and other cardio machines? From now on, you will have to include running, cycling and other rowing machines in your training

 program. Anyone can benefit from cardio training. In fact, thanks to cardio training, you can improve your core endurance, burn calories and train your cardiovascular system. We do not evaluate.

Definition of cardio training

Cardio training generally refers to endurance training that is performed on machines or in the open air. Endurance includes all sports that increase breathing and heart rate, whether you move your legs, arms only, or both at the same time.

The most popular cardio equipment in the gym are:

treadmill device

bicycle potentiometer

elliptical bike

the stepper

stair simulator


Benefits of cardio training

Endurance can be great when you feel the air passing over your face or when you are discovering natural landscapes, but above all, endurance has many positive effects on the body and the different functions of the organism.

heart and blood vessels:

The heart works more efficiently

Low heart rate

Increased heart rate

Increased stroke volume (the volume of blood the heart expels with each beat)

Reduction of Blood pressure

Traffic problems can be avoided

Ships are better protected


Strengthens the muscles.

Muscles are irrigated better and regenerate more quickly.

Improve muscle performance.

Possible decrease in body fat

lungs :

Increased respiratory volume

The lungs work more efficiently

Improving the body's oxygen supply


improve focus

The brain is irrigated better

New connections between brain cells

the blood :

blood cells multiply

More oxygen is transferred

Members are irrigated better

The risk of blood clots can be reduced

immune system :

The number of antibodies is increased and your immune system is strengthened

The ability to lower insulin

Muscles store more glycogen


Anti-stress and calming effect

Release of serotonin, the happiness hormone

Training methods: how to do cardio

You can do cardio in different ways. The important thing is to find a training method that works for you and aligns with your goals. Your choice depends on many factors such as your level of fitness, your health, the time you have available and of course... your motivation.

The methods of endurance training are the continuous method, the interval method, and the repetition method.

The method continues

The continuous method is the most popular traditional endurance exercise. The athlete maintains the same rhythm and intensity for a long period of time, without interruption. The intensity depends on

 your level of fitness and the type of continuous method. Training lasts on average between 30 and 60 minutes, but can also last up to several hours. There are 3 variants of the continuous method:

Extensive continuous method

Health and fitness goal, burn fat, accelerate regeneration and improve core endurance.

Intensity of 60-70% of maximum heart rate (FCM)

Duration at least 60 minutes

Continuous intensive method

The goal of improving performance, marathon preparation and fat burning

Intensity of at least 75% of FCM

Duration 30-60 minutes

Continuously changing method

The goal of preparations for competitions and ball sports

Intensity of 70-80% of FCM

Duration at least 30 minutes, up to several hours

separator method

Intermittent training, or discrete training, is characterized by alternating between phases of effort and phases of recovery. The duration of the recovery phase is chosen so that sufficient power is available for the next voltage phase. No complete renovation occurs.

Interval training improves muscular endurance, speed and endurance for long sessions. This method burns more calories than the continuous method.

The time-lapse method also enhances the post-burn effect. Your body will continue to burn more calories after a cardio session. Interval training can be intense or intense.

Wide interval method

The wide interval method is more suitable for beginners. Training is carried out in large quantities and at low intensity. Your heart rate should remain around 70% of your heart rate.

Intensive separator method

With the intense interval method, training is of relatively low volume, but intensity is high. The goal of the exercise phase is to reach 80-90% of your maximum heart rate.

repetition method

The repetition method combines short, intense phases of exercise and phases of recovery. The difference to the interval method is that the pause phase is used for full regeneration. This training method is mainly used for competition preparation.

Determine and calculate the heart rate

Maximum heart rate is used to control training during cardio training. Heart rate depends on many factors. For example, age, gender, training conditions, and weight play a role.

To determine your maximum heart rate, there are professional performance diagnostics, do-it-yourself tests and generic formulas. We show you 3 formulas that you can use to calculate your heart rate. These numbers are indicative only. It is also important to listen to your body and trust your instincts.

Many cardio machines have sensors in the handles that show you your heart rate during exercise. You can get more accurate values ​​if you use a chest strap and/or a heart rate monitor. It also allows you not to get your hands on the sensors all the time.

Formula 1:

FCM = 220 - Age (in years)

Formula 2:

FCM = 208 - 0.7 x age (in years)

Formula 3:

FCM = 208 - 0.6 x age (in years)

Good to know: Gender is not taken into account in these formulas. However, the female's heart is smaller. On average, women have a higher heart rate than men.

The Importance of Music: What is Music for Cardio Training

Music makes training more fun and easier. Create your own heart disease playlist. It will help you last longer. Music will also help you find and keep the right rhythm.

Music affects your emotions and gives you more motivation and a good mood. Music that moves well will help you improve your performance.

But music isn't the only thing that supports you in cardio training. With our Endurance Pack, you're all set for your training. In the package you will find the Endurance Drink, which helps your body perform at its best, and the Recovery Aminos, which will allow you to recover optimally after training.

Our conclusion

Cardio training is endurance training on equipment.

The heart has positive effects on the heart, blood vessels, muscles, lungs, brain, blood, immune system, and psyche

In cardio training, there are several methods of training: the continuous method, with intervals or by repetition.

You can roughly calculate your heart rate using simple formulas.

Music is an important support during cardio training


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