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When do you use glutamine? Make sure you do it right!

 When do you use glutamine? Make sure you do it right!

Time and time again, glutamine is mentioned, along with other active ingredients, as one of the building blocks of sports nutritional supplements. To dispel any doubts, it is helpful to know when to use glutamine for the potential benefits behind this amino acid. Decide if glutamine products are right for you!

When do you take glutamine?

Glutamine is one of the 22 proteinogenic amino acids. Its important contribution to the formation of proteins that make up the components of muscle mass clearly explains why it is important to maintain an optimal level of glutamine. Specialists assume that this amino acid makes up about 65% of the total content of the amino acid components that are part of muscle building tissue. But what concerns us is what can cause a marked decrease in the levels of glutamine in the body.

This situation can be observed when we are exposed to a high psychophysical load, comparable to an inflammatory process or tendonitis. According to the scientists, low levels of glutamine can be used as a signal that indicates a proven disturbance of a sense of balance and balance.

We suspect that glutamine will be important for physically active people who train regularly. Enriching your daily diet with an appropriate dose of concentrated glutamine will be a good complement to preparations containing the BCAA complex or to a mixture of amino acids with different ingredients. The so-called positive effect of this substance on the overall metabolism of nitrogen can be useful for people who shape their figure and work to improve their current condition.

When is it best to use glutamine?

Most people recommend taking glutamine supplements, especially during times of increased training intensity and weak immune system function. Cases of extreme fatigue, for example during the recovery period or after prolonged physical activity, also make supplemental glutamine necessary.

Dietary supplement manufacturers recommend consuming glutamine during the training season and during the day, depending on individual needs. Preparations containing glutamine are labeled Olymp Sport Nutrition. Here we present a supplement in the form of capsules (Glutamine 1400 MG Capsules), which allows you to enrich your diet with concentrated L-Glutamine without unnecessary additives, in an easy and convenient way.


Those who prefer powder can try one of the two options. Rocky Athlete Glutamine is a pure raw material, free from any imposed taste and fortified with Magnesium as well as Vitamin B6. Glutamine Xplode is a unique combination of an optimal dose of L-Glutamine with L-Leucine (BCAA) and L-Cysteine, enriched with selenium and vitamins (a highly absorbable form of Vitamin C and B group components). The product makes it possible to prepare an incredibly fruity and refreshing drink, which will help you quench your thirst.

Olimp Sport Nutrition products are produced according to pharmaceutical standards, which means that each dietary supplement uses tested, high quality raw materials. Thanks to modern production technology and an innovative research and development center, the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories ensures that its products comply with current safety standards and that their composition complies with the advertising on the label.


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