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When do you start taking nutritional supplements? For anyone who has doubts!

 When do you start taking nutritional supplements? For anyone who has doubts!

In the adventure of any sports fan, there comes a moment when you are no longer ahead. Changes in the diet and training plan do not lead to significant results, which is why practitioners with pleasure resort to various supplements. However, it is important to know when to start consuming the nutrients and products to consider first.

When do you start taking nutrients? Diet and training are the basis for good results.

There is an important point that must be accepted from the beginning: a dietary supplement is only a supplement to a daily and varied diet. Although it may contain the necessary macro and micro ingredients in its formula, it will not have a really positive effect if the diet itself is not well formed. Effective weight loss or building muscle mass is only possible with the

 optimal level of calories being supplied. Without an adequate energy base in the form of adequate portions of food, there are no effects. If you are wondering when to start eating nutrients, you should definitely start paying attention to what you eat and how much.

A properly prepared training plan is just as important. The correct choice of exercises and correctly selected intensity (eg, number of repetitions and sets, duration of rest periods, running speed) affects the effective achievement of your goal. It is important to adapt your training to your personal capabilities. People in poor physical condition should not engage in strenuous physical activity. This intensity should be gradually increased as experience levels rise and exercise capacity develops.

When should I start eating nutrients? Choose the right supplements

Purchasing nutrients and other preparations for physically active people is not a problem. However, it is very important to determine your own needs. Knowing the properties of the ingredients in nutritional supplements and their skillful application in diet and training will serve us in the effectiveness of our work.

Another issue is the quality of the product. When making a purchase decision, it is best to bet on products prepared according to pharmaceutical standards and under the right conditions. For decades, Olimp Sport Nutrition products have been made with the highest quality raw materials, tested and completely free of heavy metals. The advanced technology of Olymp Laboratories' innovative laboratory facilities ensures that the necessary safety standards are maintained.


In order to comfortably complement your diet, it is recommended to take the Vita-Min Multi Sport supplement. It is a complex formula of the most important micronutrients, pre-selected in highly absorbable forms (minerals in the form of the amino acid albion chelate) and also enriched with many beneficial plant extracts (eg, green tea, artichoke, citrus bioflavonoids). The capsules allow it to be supplied easily, allowing to cover the application during increased physical activity.

In the case of protein supplements, you can use products such as: Pure Whey Isolate 95 or Whey Protein Complex 100%. These preparations are in the form of an easily soluble powder, which, when dissolved in water or milk, makes it possible to prepare an incredibly tasty cocktail with a high content of complete whey protein. Maintaining an optimal level of protein in your daily diet helps maintain and increase muscle mass.


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