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What vitamins are necessary for a woman during pregnancy?

 What vitamins are necessary for a woman during pregnancy?

Planning for the fetus, as well as pregnancy itself, is an extremely important moment in the life of every couple. It is therefore absolutely necessary to ensure that the daily diet provides all the essential macro and micro elements. The same is true of vitamins which play a really important role in the health of all women during pregnancy. Which of them is the most important? What products containing vitamins will prove to be the best choice for young mothers?

What are the most important vitamins for a woman during pregnancy?

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, because the properties of each vitamin are of particular importance for the optimal development of the fetus and are essential components of any healthy and balanced diet. However, you should know that some of them are especially desirable for women during pregnancy. Find out which of them should be taken into account first.

In the foreground appears a vitamin called folic acid, the properties of which are extremely important both in the prenatal period, and throughout pregnancy, and during breastfeeding. The action of folate is extremely important for a woman's health. They promote the growth of maternal tissues during pregnancy, contribute to the optimal synthesis of amino acids,

 promote good blood production and maintain the proper functioning of the immune system, as well as maintain a good homocysteine ​​metabolism. A deficiency of folic acid is extremely dangerous for the fetus, as it can lead to the development of serious defects of the nervous system and various malformations.

Another equally important component of a woman's daily diet during pregnancy is vitamin D. This substance, apart from its equally valuable effect on the work of immunity, is involved in the processes of cell division. However, its most important characteristic is the beneficial effect on the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorous - the two main components of bone mineral mass. In addition, vitamin D helps maintain good muscle function and has a positive effect on dental health and strength.

What product containing vitamins will be suitable for a woman during pregnancy?

Young mothers are a category that requires special attention. Dietary supplements for women during pregnancy should contain essential vitamins in optimal amounts to evenly reduce the risks of both overdose and overdose. In addition, the quality itself is very important - the ingredients should come only from microbiologically tested raw materials to eliminate the risk of unwanted additives or contamination (eg heavy metals).


Olimp Laboratories recommends Gold-Vit mama tablets, which contain precisely defined portions of the most important vitamins and minerals (in the form of easily assimilated amino acid chelates Albion®), enriched with a valuable contribution of high-quality cranberry fruit extract. . The product has been carefully prepared down to the smallest detail to ensure the basic safety standards for the health of mother and child.


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