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What should you eat after exercise to increase muscle mass?

 What should you eat after exercise to increase muscle mass?

For many people, building muscle mass means consuming only a large number of calories. This is a very misleading idea, especially since individual macronutrients must be supplied in optimal amounts to achieve the desired results. So what should you eat after training to provide the body with the necessary conditions to build muscle?

What to eat after a workout: Complete proteins

If there is a question about what to eat after a workout, protein should definitely be the first choice. Complete protein is an essential building block for muscle tissue, and the amino acids it contains are extremely important for proper nitrogen balance. Thanks to protein, there is an opportunity to grow, maintain existing muscle mass and maintain good bone condition.

That's why brand Olimp Sport Nutrition recommends a single source of complete protein in the form of a delicious 100% Whey Protein Complex. It's a great blend of high-quality concentrate and whey protein isolate which, when dissolved in water, makes for an incredibly delicious shake. Thanks to its problem-free solubility, the product can be used as a meal supplement, for example in oatmeal, omelets or desserts.

What to eat after exercise: essential carbohydrates

Each drive unit results in extremely high power losses. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for intensely working muscles and the nervous system. After training, the reserves are practically depleted to the maximum - which is why it is so interesting to provide the body with powerful injections of energy in the form of a complex mixture of various forms

 of carbohydrates after training. That's why Carbonox is an ideal solution for people who do not know what to eat or do not have time to supplement their diet with the necessary carbohydrates. The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand has prepared a unique formula of simple and complex carbohydrates, which causes a regular release of the contained energy and a balanced resynthesis of necessary muscle glycogen, helping to compensate for the losses caused by exercise.

What to eat after a workout: Creatine

People who train in the strength or endurance disciplines know that taking creatine after training is a very good solution for shaping the muscular and athletic body. The job of creatine is to recombine ATP - the main transporter of energy in the body - which regulates a number of metabolic processes, including the proper functioning of muscles. Regular use of

 creatine as a supplement during training helps increase physical performance, especially when accompanied by short, intense workouts. The Olimp Sport Nutrition Creatine Xplode brand recommends a great blend of at least 6 forms of creatine, which, due to the varied

 level of bioavailability, will ensure an optimal level of muscle saturation. The supplement is available as an easily soluble powder with incredibly fruity and refreshing flavors.


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