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What is worth eating after running to get the desired results?

 What is worth eating after running to get the desired results?

Should I consume certain products after the race? The peculiarity of running training and the characteristic form of muscle work may require an appropriate dietary approach. What should you add to your diet after a race?

What to eat after running: carbohydrates

Short and long distances almost deplete energy reserves. The miles traveled requires optimal refueling of the body to supply the muscles with intense work. After the race, it is necessary to compensate for losses - to do this, it is worth consuming different forms of carbohydrates, which, due to different absorption times, will promote the re-formation of depleted energy reserves. What should you eat after running? Fresh, dried fruits, natural juices, oatmeal, and oatmeal are great post-workout meals.

After exercise, athletes can supply their body with a unique mixture of carbohydrates, supplemented with a complex of the most important vitamins and minerals. Carbonox has been supplemented with L-arginine, a valuable proteinogenic amino acid. The Olimp Sport Nutrition product allows you to prepare a refreshing fruit drink, prepared from high-quality, microbiologically tested materials.

What to eat after the race: complete proteins

Dozens of kilometers traveled per month can lead to a loss of muscle mass. Especially when your daily diet does not provide the optimal amount of complete protein. Many runners turn to snacks, which can also improve the efficiency of the whole body - so they avoid consuming a lot of meat or dairy products. After a race, athletes are increasingly hungry for quick and easy products that deliver essential muscle protein in moments.

The 100% Whey Protein Complex supplement is an exceptional formula of whey proteins, which has been used in two different forms (WPC Concentrate and WPI Isolate) with different absorption times. The Olimp Sport Nutrition supplement is available in a number of amazing flavors, and its exceptional solubility and consistency allows it to be used as a form of addition to certain meals.

What do we eat after the race? Vitamins C and D

Physically active people are at particular risk of reduced immunity. It may be paradoxical, but athletes, due to their high levels of fatigue, also expose the body to excessive stress and undermining. This promotes the emergence of oxidative stress that can cause premature aging with oxygen free radicals. For this reason, after running, it is useful to eat products rich in antioxidants, such as polyphenols, flavonoids or some vitamins.

The formula of Immuno Xplode powder from Olimp Sport Nutrition supports immunity in a comprehensive way: it supplements the diet with vitamins C and D, and provides optimal amounts of zinc, amino acids (L-Glutamine and L-Cystine) and plant extracts (Japanese Pagoda and Black Elderberry). The product is available as a drink with a citrus lemonade flavor, and its multi-component composition provides a multifaceted effect.


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