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What is whey protein? Discover the most important things!

 What is whey protein? Discover the most important things!

Whey is one of the most well-known and valuable complete protein sources in the diet of physically active people. What drives athletes to choose whey supplements? We answer your frequently asked question “what is whey protein”? Will you also discover the benefits it provides to the body?

What is whey protein?

During the manufacture of cheese, many byproducts are produced that are an equally useful source of macronutrients. An example is whey, which has a high protein content rich in both endogenous and exogenous essential amino acids (such as BCAAs, EAAs, or L-glutamine). Proteins obtained from whey have exceptionally good water solubility, which is especially important for their use in the daily diet. This property was especially appreciated by manufacturers of nutritional supplements and nutrients for athletes.

A good example of this is the Polish brand Olimp Sport Nutrition, which uses only clean, high-quality raw materials whose purity has been tested in its products. The preparations are prepared in modern laboratories and with the help of advanced production technologies that guarantee the necessary quality and true pharmaceutical standard. Olimp Sport Nutrition brand-branded conditioners are an easy and convenient way to provide a complete supply of whey protein, which can be used in a variety of forms.

What is whey protein and what are its benefits?

Protein is an essential component of a varied diet. The amount of protein to be eaten during the day should be individually tailored to your needs. People who exercise recreationally, such as athletes, should use about 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. This value can, of course, vary for each of us (for example due to gender, current weight and intensity level of the exercises being performed), which is why each nutritional plan must be properly adapted to the possibilities and the intended goal.

Maintaining the optimum amount of protein, including whey protein, helps retain existing muscle mass. On the other hand, increasing protein intake allows for regular and balanced growth. In addition, whey protein can have a beneficial effect on maintaining bone health, which can undoubtedly enhance their protection during regular strength and endurance training.

What is whey protein and how do I use it?

The most convenient way to supplement your diet with real whey is to take a protein supplement. These products are in the form of an easily soluble powder, which, after grinding in water or skimmed milk, makes it possible to prepare very tasty milkshakes, with a high content of proteins and essential amino acids. We should also add that most of the

 protein nutrients of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand taste very good. 100% Whey Protein Complex is an all-time bestseller, appreciated by many professional athletes. The conditioner is a mixture of whey concentrate isolate, which, due to the different absorption kinetics, ensures an optimal release of the nutrients present.


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