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What is testosterone used in training? Learn about the most important hormone!

 What is testosterone used in training? Learn about the most important hormone!

Building strong muscles doesn't just require large amounts of food and exhausting training. Basic knowledge of human physiology is necessary to know what is the optimal functioning of the whole body. First of all, you need to know what testosterone is responsible for during training and why it is important to maintain a sufficiently high level of this hormone.

Testosterone functions and role during training

Testosterone is an active substance belonging to the group of androgens - hormonal compounds, which determine the proper functioning of the androgenic processes in the body. Testosterone is a sex hormone of fundamental importance to every man. The normal place of production is the cells of the testicle as well as the adrenal cortex. This hormone is also present in women, but in much smaller quantities, compared to its properties.

The masculine effect of testosterone affects the formation of typical masculine body traits, which are best seen during puberty. This hormone is associated, among other things, with facial hair, hair distribution and density or tone of voice. In addition, testosterone affects the level of sex drive and activity. It is also a very important part of the hormonal economy that affects the process of spermatogenesis and sperm production.


What is the role of testosterone in strength and endurance training? Athletes should definitely strive to maintain optimal levels of this hormone in the blood. Experts point out that testosterone activity is inseparable from exercise capacity and muscle tissue. Sometimes, its low level can be the cause of constant fatigue, lack of endurance, and difficulty in performing proper regeneration after exercise. It can therefore be assumed that testosterone has a very important function in our ability to achieve desired results.

What is testosterone responsible for training and how to support your daily diet?

Many causes can lead to an undesirable drop in the levels of testosterone in the blood. It is impossible to eliminate some of them (for example, the slow aging process), but we can fight others effectively. How ?

  • By quitting drugs, especially cigarettes
  • Balance effort with rest, including getting enough sleep
  • By avoiding nervous and stressful situations,
  • By maintaining a varied diet and consuming healthy products,
  • By adapting your training intensity to your personal exercise capacity and physical condition.

The daily diet should be fortified with testosterone ZMA, which has been formulated by the brand Olimp Sport Nutrition. It is a well-researched formulation of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 in highly absorbable forms, available in convenient capsules. The product is recommended for physically active people and men over 30 years old, who may have an increased demand for the items it contains.

Brand Olimp Sport Nutrition has also prepared Chela-MZB mega sports caps for athletes. This dietary supplement contains zinc and magnesium solids in the form of the hypoallergenic amino acid Albion chelate, which is highly absorbable and gentle on the digestive system! In the case of ZMA and Chela-MZB Sport Formula Mega Caps, the raw

 materials used in the production of the preparations have been properly tested for their microbiological purity, which, combined with modern technology and innovative laboratory facilities, ensures a high level and pharmaceutical company safety level.


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