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What is the satiety index? What foods make you feel full for the longest time?

 What is the satiety index? What foods make you feel full for the longest time?

Excessive appetite is a nightmare for many people who want to have a slim figure. Excessive hunger is often one of the problems that arise in the process of losing weight. In this case, it is worth choosing products that help reduce excessive appetite. What is the satiety index and what foods make you feel full for the longest time?

What is the satiety index?

It is the term used to describe the level of satiety that can be obtained after eating a particular product. Although each food product has a certain energy value, you should know that a large number of calories does not necessarily allow you to effectively satisfy a large appetite. It turns out that products with a similar number of calories can be completely different. what is the reason ?

First of all, configuration! Nutritionists and nutritionists point out that a high value of the satiety index is closely related to the presence of protein, fiber and water in a particular product. This is why protein-rich foods are more effective in combating acute hunger (for example, by limiting snacking between consecutive meals). In addition, products rich in these ingredients tend to be low in calories - so the risk of fat gain and uncontrolled weight gain is much lower.

What foods and meals will keep you full for the longest?

People who take care of their daily diet should make sure that their diet is rich in products with a high satiety index. Thanks to them, it is much easier to control the appropriate body weight and reduce the risk of uncontrollable hunger attacks. Insatiable appetite is a very common problem for people who lose weight. What foods will keep you full for the longest time so you can use them in your daily meals?

  1. eggs
  2. beef
  3. oatmeal
  4. skinny white fish
  5. brown pasta
  6. boiled potatoes
  7. whole bread
  8. Vegetable soup (especially creams)
  9. High-protein yogurt (for example, Skyr, Greek yogurt)
  10. Legumes (such as beans, chickpeas, and lentils)
  11. Certain fruits (such as oranges, apples, grapefruit, and grapes)

satiety index and protein in the daily meal

Physically active people should take special care to ensure the optimum level of protein in their daily diet. Protein-rich products have a high satiety index. So it can be assumed that protein not only promotes weight gain and muscular body building. Providing the body with an adequate amount of complete protein will also benefit weight maintenance and may be beneficial when losing weight.

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