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What is a good diet?

 What is a good diet?

A good diet prevents food cravings, but also fatigue by eating better according to your calorie and nutritional needs. You also have to move to lose weight effectively.

Diet according to your calorie needs

The factors for weight gain are different for each person, and not everyone loses weight in the same way. You should listen to your body and choose a diet according to your specific needs, which are determined by your ideal weight, height, conformation, and physical activity. Take an assessment to discover your nutritional profile and know your specific calorie needs, because a good slimming diet

 shouldn't affect your health. Then calculate the body mass index (BMI), which is the only indicator accepted by the World Health Organization to assess a person's obesity and to determine an individual's potential overweight risk. Medical monitoring may be necessary depending on the weight to be lost.

a balanced diet

There are many ways to lose weight on the Internet, but not all are created equal. Deprivation has never been the best solution for long-term weight loss, because eating calorie-restricted too often leads to frustration, a yo-yo effect, or severe nutrient deficiencies. Nutritional rebalancing is not a "slimming diet". It is a way of life in itself that consists of eating everything, but in good quantities and above all with the quality required to stay healthy while losing excess weight naturally.

Learn this way of better eating above all else to limit or even ban industrially manufactured products, eliminate foods that are too sweet, fatty or too salty and rediscover the joy of eating while cooking. The basis for restoring nutritional balance remains water. The body must be well hydrated to normalize metabolism and get rid of stored fat. Vegetables and fruits are also allies in the nutritional rebalancing - to be consumed without moderation - before whole grains, dairy and meat - sources of protein - as well as starchy foods.

Sports: the necessary supplement

Balance is created because a good diet is combined with energy expenditure. Regular physical activity is essential to losing weight in addition to a healthy diet. Start slowly and warm up to prepare your body well for the effort. It is also important to rest and sleep well to lose weight. Exercises for fat loss are also selected. Running, cycling, rope skipping, fitness walking, and boxing are all physical activities that burn calories efficiently. But it is not always necessary to register in the room. Don't use the elevator in your building, clean more vigorously, walk a few times a week to go to the office if possible, etc. Sports shouldn't be felt as an obligation, but it's a pleasure to agree to take care of yourself.


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